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NuFletch Archery Fletching System


Content Provided By: Brian Stephens, Founder

You may or may not be aware of the NuFletch Archery Fletching System. I was not aware of it until last year but instantly liked what I saw. Once I understood what this system could do to help my arrows fly better I was all in. The beauty of the system is that it allows you to re-fletch your vanes instantly. No boiling water needed here. You simply unscrew the nock and replace one or all three vanes if needed. This would have been very useful to me several years ago on Elk hunt when I tore several vanes off my arrows walking through thickets and heavy timber chasing Elk. 

NuFletch Archery continues to work to improve how your arrow flies with a full line of Arrow Fletching systems for target shooters and bowhunting. The NuFletch Arrow Fletching system can do the following for you:

  • Help your arrow fly flatter
  • Harder hitting arrows with greater penetration
  • Tighter Groups
  • Easy take down for travel
  • Guaranteed to provide accurate fletch replacement
  • Instant color change
  • Instant brand name vane swapping to easily tune your broad head
  • Move fletching from shaft to shaft for different hunting situations
  • Season to season instant vane replacement (Stop fletching – start shooting)




What does the NuFletch System Weigh & What about my FOC?

The answers are not so cut and dry because the answer archers are looking for is unique to each individual arrow set up. As for what does the NuFletch Spectrum weigh, that is simple:

  • NuFletch Spectrum Standard 65 grains
  • NuFletch Spectrum Light 57 grains
  • NuFletch Spectrum X 85 grains

To get the arrow shaft to your proper length, you must cut off approximately 2.75” of the arrow shaft. This is because the NuFletch product will add extra length if you do not shorten the arrow. By cutting the arrow shaft down, you will increase the spine of the shaft. The added insert in the tail of the arrow also will slightly increase the spine of the shaft. You now have an arrow that delivers very efficient flight from the bows energy. The increased energy is transferred to the arrow which will now oscillate less and recover more quickly down range. Although you have added on average 35-40 grains through the cut off and insert process, the arrow delivers increased performance in kinetic energy and consistency in flight.



What about FOC?

Here is what the folks from NuFletch have to say…”Front of center has always been widely debated. The FACTS from NuFletch around FOC are (1) NuFletch will shift the FOC rearward. (2) There is no need to add weight to the front of the arrow to compensate for NuFletch. (3) Those that have not shot NuFletch will continue to argue that this will never work! (4) THEY ARE WRONG…Just ask the fellows in the Gallery at! It is easy to be a skeptic because this does vary from how we have thought for a number of years. We are going to do some testing on the NuFletch to show you what we have seen with this new product. At the end of the day that is where I was convinced that it worked and you can decide for yourself.”


Can we put the NuFletch product on any arrow?

NuFletch Spectrum Standard: Designed to fit carbon arrows using standard aluminum glue in RPS insert. Spectrum Standard screws into the insert just as your broadhead or field point would attach to the insert. RPS inserts are specific to the arrow you shoot. You will need to purchase these from your local archery dealer.

NuFletch Spectrum Light: The Light products are designed for slim line arrows such as the Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), Axis or Kinetic Series arrows requiring hidden technology (HIT) inserts. You will need to purchase these from your local archery dealer. Using the insert tool, bond the HIT insert into the corrected length of the shaft. Once the insert has dried, simply screw the NuFletch fletch system into the insert.

NuFletch Spectrum X: Designed exclusively for crossbolts. The Spectrum X is attached to the bolts through the use of the required insert. You will need to purchase extra inserts from your local archery dealer.


Do you have to use special vanes with the Nufletch products?

The NuFletch products come complete with Fusion style vanes made by Norway Industries exclusively for the products. Replacement vanes are packaged in quantities of 36 and 100 counts. Vanes are available here online or at stocking dealers. The NuFletch Fusion vanes are recommended because the base of the vanes are designed to fit the grooves in fletch holder. 2010 Blazer Vanes can be used simply by trimming the nose of the vane to fit the grooves. The NuFletch Fusion vanes are 1.7”. (Cross Bolt models use standard Norway Fusion vanes that measure 2.125″. Standard Fusion vanes can be found at most archery dealers or on line at


What comes in the NuFletch package?

The NuFletch Spectrum products are packaged with three NuFletch Spectrum bodies complete with Fusion style vanes from Norway Industries and double lock nocks from Bohning. Each pack is securely shipped in a sealed blister pack. *Please note* Due to the large assortment of arrow diameters and inserts, NuFletch does not provide arrow inserts) Please see your local archery dealer for inserts.

How much weight does the Standard NuFletch Spectrum add to my arrow?

Example of total weight with the NuFletch Spectrum Standard on an arrow weighing 9.9 grains per inch:

Spectrum Standard = 65.5 Grains

*Don’t forget you remove 2.75 of shaft weight to achieve proper arrow length*

  • 2.75″ @ 9.9 grains / inch = (-) 27.2 grains removed from shaft
  • Add Back (+14 grains) for the insert (Standard Arrow Insert For Your Shaft)
  • Spectrum Standard – 2.5″ (shaft weight) + insert = Added Weight
  • In this example: 65.5 – 27.2 (removed shaft length weight) = 38.3 + 14gr (added insert) = 52.3 grains added.

Spectrum Light = 57.4 Grains

  • 2.75”@ 11.3 grains /inch = 31.1 grains removed from shaft
  • Add Back (15.8) for the HIT insert
  • In this example: 57.3 – 31.1 (removed shaft length weight) =
  • 26.3 +15gr (added Insert) = 41.2 grains added.

NuFletch Target Model =76.6 Grains

  • 3.0”@ 8 grains / inch = 24 grains removed from shaft
  • In this example: 76.6 grains – 24 grains = 52.6 grains added

This past Spring I was fortunate enough to kill Turkey Slam with a bow. I shot an Osceola, Eastern, Merriam and Rio all using the NuFletch System. I became a believer based on arrow flight and testing the penetration for myself prior to even hunting with them. My arrows flew great and had deeper penetration with the NuFletch on my arrow vs. arrows with out it (all else was equal with regards to shooting distance, and field point).

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