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Mossy Oak Tourney 2 Back Pack

Provided by Brian Stephens | 


The hunting pack is a staple for hunters no matter if you bow or gun hunt. Your pack allows you to easily carry key essentials to the blind or stand. What I have found over the years is that not all packs are created equally. Just simply throwing your gear in your pack is not effective and can actually hurt your hunt once you get to the woods. If you have to search and move items, that can result in additional noise that could alarm game. The Mossy Oak Tourney 2 back pack in Break-Up Infinity is a great pack to consider for this upcoming hunting season.  

To start with, the Tourney back pack has a wire frame and mesh backing that distributes the load while directing circulating air to your back, keeping you cool and dry. I really like this feature especially because I am one that brings in a lot of gear to the stand and typically walks the long way to ensure I do not disturb deer on way. This wire frame system also helps to ensure the back pack is very comfortable. You do not feel like you are carrying a sack of weights on your back. It molds to your back ensuring it is a comfortable fit.

The Tourney pack has numerous compartments allowing you to effectively organize your gear, starting with the main compartment that has a capacity of 3.132 cu. in. This pack can hold a lot of gear from extra clothing, binoculars, rangefinders, etc.  We have even carried camera gear and our Ozonics along with extra clothing in this pack for those longer sits. On the inside of the Tourney pack, you also have a mesh zipper pocket that is perfect for keys, bullets, release and other smaller key essentials that you want in one place away from your other gear. There is also a separate slot where you can put a rain suit folded up or even your lap top that will be separated from your accessories and gear in the main compartment.  

TourneyPack_llOn each side of the pack you have a quick access pocket that is perfect for smaller items, perfect for scenarios where you want to get to gear immediately and do not want to search for in the main compartment. I see this as a great place to put your calls, wind checker or even a snack if needed. On the other side of the pack there is a mesh pocket for a bottle of water, Thermos or your scent elimination spray bottles that can quickly and easily be accessed.  

On the front of the pack you have another quick access pocket that is also a perfect place for your keys, sunglasses, and other essentials you do not want to get lost or want to put in your pockets risking loss in the woods.  A few other features that I noticed that sometimes get overlooked are the design of the pack from stitching and zippers. The Tourney is very well constructed and has reinforced stitching in key areas of the pack to ensure it can take the beating we put it through in the field. Additionally, the zippers are high quality. We all have been there when the zipper breaks; your pack is not effective and most likely ends up in the closet.

There are side straps on this pack that I am a big fan of. I like this because it allows you to let the back pack “flex” based on to the amount of gear you have inside. Once it is packed, I will cinch the straps so nothing is moving resulting in noise as I am walking to the stand. I also like the belly strap on the Tourney. This helps you on those longer hikes or all day spotting and stalking.  If you need to move fast your back is not going to be bouncing up and down, again, making noise. The rubber grip handle on top of the pack is great if you just want to carry the pack like a bag.  

There is a nice safety feature on the Tourney 2 pack with the hunters’ orange buckle on the front strap,  giving you a little more visibility in the woods to the other hunters. Finally, the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity pattern blends in well with your surroundings because of the depth and detail of the pattern. So, when you are in the tree or on the ground, it will not be sticking out like a sore thumb while the rest of you is concealed. Check out the Mossy Oak Tourney 2 back pack for this fall hunting season at

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