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Part 2: Becoming a Prostaffer


Submitting an Application

Jason Patterson - Regional ProStaff Director for Mossy Oak's Mississippi Flyway Waterfowl Team

So you want to be a ProStaffer? I hear it every week and get hundreds of emails every year from people wanting to be a ProStaffer. Now that we have down what the “Pro” really stands for, we move on to the next step. 

You have to be an accomplished hunter. That makes sense but it is really not understood. And by accomplished, I am saying that you have to have a knowledge of the sport that you love. I, for one, hunt all kinds of game and really don’t have a favorite. Yes, I love waterfowl hunting but I am passionate about deer, turkey and taking care of the land we get to hunt on. We take as much pride in being GameKeepers as we do in pursuing the game we love. Know your sport. It will help you while doing events, because people look up to you for information. You want to be able to answer their questions. Having the Mossy Oak ProStaff logo on your shirt automatically puts you in an elite group of people, but you have to learn what it takes to be successful.

Next, decide what company you wish to represent and find out who their ProStaff director is. Send that person an email requesting information on their staff and if there are any openings. If there are, they will send you an application with basic info about where you hunt, what you hunt and your background. I get countless applications, especially during hunting season. That’s a red flag right there! Most people get a warm fuzzy feeling during their favorite season and want to join a ProStaff; it’s more of an impulse move more than anything. 

I take more notice of applications I receive during the off season, because that tells me they think about it year round. Trust me, all of us at Mossy Oak do this 365 days a year and it’s an obsession. We love the company we work for and promote. The other kinds of red flag emails are the ones that say they harvested 1200 ducks or five Pope and Young bucks a year. First of all, we really don’t need to know that and second, it’s of no importance in the ProStaff world.

If you get any information out of these blogs, take heed at this next sentence. You are being hired to promote a company, first and foremost. If you keep that in mind, you are going to do well. If you are in it for your own gratification, you will never last. I see this every year and it’s something that will never change. People have little info on what it really takes to promote in this industry. 

If you are contacting me to be on my staff, the first thing I will do is send you the requirements. Here at Mossy Oak, we are required to do 10 events a year and it’s really not that hard. I have staffers that do 15 or more every year. If you think you can meet the requirements, then proceed to filling out the application and even giving him a bio as an added bonus. If you cannot fulfill the requirements, then don’t put yourself in a position to fail. We as managers go on your word first, but what you do will determine if you stay on or not.

Bottom line, get all the info you can. If it’s Mossy Oak you are after, find out everything you can about us and then proceed to the next step. We don’t have openings all the time, but I always keep my applications and refer back to them when we need staffers in certain areas. Remember, promote what you can do for the company, which is what it’s all about. 

Coming up in part 3 is the waiting game. Did you get accepted or not? I will explain where to go from there in both situations.

Part 1: Promoting the Obsession

jpatterson-1375-150x144Jason Patterson is the Regional ProStaff
Director for the Mississippi Flyway Waterfowl
Team for Mossy Oak. He handles 70 plus
staffers from Minnesota down to Louisiana.
He resides in Jackson TN.

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