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Mossy Oak Deluxe Binocular Straps

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Spring Turkey season is right round the corner with many hunters heading down to Florida to kick off the season chasing an Osceola gobbler.  No question that mouth calls, box and friction calls will be in most hunters’ turkey vests, along with shotgun shells and other accessories to get the job done.  What I sometimes see or get asked about is optics during a turkey hunt. Why use them when I am calling the birds into a decoy set up? Optics are as important to me as my decoys when I am turkey hunting.  In this review I am not going to talk about a particular type or brand of optics but how to carry your optics in the field.  

Most binoculars come with a single strap to attached to so you can wear over your shoulder or around your neck. This can be an effective way to carry them without question. The downside, if you are wearing them around your neck, is that they will bounce when you have to move quickly from one set up to the next. They can easily move or bump other equipment resulting in unwanted noise. Finally, they can make your neck sore if you wear them like that for long periods of time.

An alternative is to wear a chest style harness with straps that go across your chest and back. This style of binocular system can be really effective in the field for several reasons. First, your binoculars are always in the same place when you need them. Second, based on how they are secured to your chest and back, it minimizes movement even when you are moving quickly from one location to another on foot.  I especially see this if I am slipping up on a turkey on the ground doing an army crawl. My binoculars are not dangling or potentially going to bump my weapon making noise. On the other hand, in the past, I have been busted even with my binos over my shoulder. They still moved causing a noise and ending the hunt.  Third, this style minimizes soreness or fatigue you may have from a single strap.  

Mossy Oak has come out with a Deluxe Binocular Strap in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity that is perfect for turkey hunting. They are made with a high quality elastic strap with the ability to adjust to fit your body style. This system has a quick release clamp to attach your binoculars to the front of the system, allowing you to quickly and easily attach and remove your optics.  

The Mossy Oak harness strap was extremely comfortable when I tested it. I also liked the width of the straps. Other companies that make similar systems have wide straps that can be annoying and uncomfortable. The Break-Up Infinity bino system will blend in with my other Mossy Oak gear in the woods.  Finally, the quality of the system and how well it is constructed is excellent. You will be able to wear this for many years to come. To learn more or to purchase the Mossy Oak Deluxe Binocular Strap visit

Wait for the Fight to Get the Most from Your Turkey Hunt
In my opinion, the single most-important ingredient to have a successful turkey hunt is not your calling ability or the way you position your decoys - it’s learning and practicing patience. Any turkey hunter who has been hunting turkeys for any length of time has had at least three or four turkeys that he’s thought have left and aren't coming in that have spooked when he’s gotten up and not seen them.

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