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Mossy Oak Carry All Bag


By Brian Stephens | 

I recently took my 12-year-old son with me on his first turkey hunt to Kansas. In addition to guiding him, I was also filming the hunt. This hunt was a great opportunity to make some lasting memories with my son. In order to pull off the hunt, a lot of prep and organization was required, as well as all the gear needed to turkey hunt and film.  

As any turkey hunter knows, you typically carry a wide variety of decoys and other gear for the turkey woods.  When you add camera equipment, tri-pods, a shooting stick, and a crossbow, it becomes a lot to carry on each hunt.  Having a bag that would allow me to carry and transport most of this on each hunt was imperative.  I used the Mossy Oak Carry All Bag in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity.  I used this bag due to its large carrying capacity with a size of 16x31 inches.  This bag can hold a lot of gear!  I used it in a variety of ways that included carrying decoys, extra clothes, chairs, and other gear.  

MO-Carry-All-BagThe Carry All Bag has a wide drawstring top that allowed me to easily load and unload it.  The reinforced shoulder carry strap was great because I could throw it over my shoulder and go. With my hands freed up, I could help my son and manage through the woods.  I also like the fact that the bag is quiet and did not make noise when it brushed against branches or my other backpack with all of the camera equipment. Keeping quiet in the turkey woods is vital.

Once we got to the set up, I could quickly open the drawstrings, pull the decoys out, and set them up.  I loved the fact that I could do this soundlessly thanks to the drawstrings. When we hunted on the ground, I did not have to worry about the bag being seen and alarming birds.  The bag was as concealed as we were.  Another nice feature of the Carry All Bag is that it is not only oversized for large carrying capacity, but it also has reinforced seams ensuring that it is not going to rip or tear once you fill it up.  It can take a beating and keep on going.

After a long weekend of hunting, the bag, as you can imagine, got pretty dirty.  A great feature of the bag is that it can be washed. It also has so many uses even beyond hunting.  It could be a great bag for camping, the gym, travel, or even a laundry bag. Get yours here.

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