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Mom's Top Ten Picks for a Mossy Oak Mother's Day

Mossy Oak mother

As a mother, and one that enjoys being outside as much as possible, I compiled a list of Mossy Oak Mother's Day gifts that I would appreciate receiving. And while the men are clicking and shopping for the Mother's Day gift suggestions below, they can even throw something in the cart for themselves. I know I would!

1. Mossy Oak Fishing Women's Sandbar Tank

Mossy Oak women's fishing tank

Living in the South and only a few hours from the sandy shores, tank tops are a staple in momma's wardrobe. Need a loose-fitting tank to head out for a run? Maybe we just want to grab something to go over the swimsuit as we head to the beach. Or, honestly, sometimes a cozy tank is the go-to for comfortable sleep in hot weather. 

Try this Mossy Oak Fishing tank. The color options are versatile and the added Elements Agua pattern gives it a different spin on just your basic tank top. I mean, who doesn't appreciate a little camo in the midsection? I suppose it bears mentioning that it's excellent for those hot days on the boat. Stretchy, cooling and quick-drying, plus the UPF sun protection make it a great choice for the mom that just loves being outside. 

2. Mossy Oak Fishing Long Sleeve Shirt

Mossy Oak Fishing women's long sleeve

Sometimes those summer nights get a little chilly. What's better than a lightweight, long-sleeve shirt to throw over that tank top? And maybe we just don't want the beach or lake day to end so we stay out as the sun goes down. Carry this shirt along as a cover-up and have something better than a wet towel to keep warm and dry. 

Sun protection, breathability and roll-up sleeves make this a versatile shirt for wherever our outdoors adventures take us.

3. Mossy Oak Women's Swim/Fishing Shorts

Mossy Oak women's fishing shorts

Let's be honest. Boat rides in bikini bottoms aren't always the most flattering. Sometimes us ladies like a little extra coverage, but want to still be comfortable. These shorts are a great cover-up, keep you cool and dry quickly. The best part, two different inseams. So, they're great for the outdoors loving ladies in your life no matter the maturity. Elastic waistband, stretchy, beautiful colors - these shorts will complete the Mossy Oak Fishing outfit. (See above. Yes, the trio would be amazing.)

4. Mossy Oak Fishing Mesh Back Cap

Mossy Oak Fishing mesh back cap

Mesh back caps are my heroes. Sometimes the hair is just not ready for the public. Sometimes, us ladies just need some shade for our face or want to keep our hair out of our face on windy days. The breathability of mesh backs are a must. The colors on these are fun and versatile, and they're easy to adjust. 

5. Mossy Oak Vintage Hoodie

Mossy Oak vintage hoodie Bottomland

Camo is in. But it all looks the same. Get the Mossy Oak original: Bottomland. I know they say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but hoodies are a close second. We can't have enough. An oversized hoodie is where we feel warm, safe and secure. Whether in a tree stand, relaxing at home or chasing morning gobblers and/or toddlers, this is a great get for Mom. 

6. Mossy Oak Nativ Living Antler Lamp

Mossy Oak Nativ Living antler lamp

Antler decor has become vogue. We've seen the bleached, faux European mounts, which are cool, but here's a different way to use antlers in home decor. Instead of the stark white we often see with antlers, this antler lamp has a natural brown finish, light or darker, for that more rustic, cozy-cottage look. Does your wife or mother have a reading spot? She might just love the light of this lamp a little better.

7. Dawgs Mossy Oak Z Sandals

Mossy Oak camo sandals by Dawgs

I like to call these rubber boots, but for summer. When shoes are necessary but there's also the possible of getting wet, these are no problem. The bonus is, no rubbing between the toes like flip flops. But if flip flops are what the woman in your life lives in during the hot summer months, there's an option for that too. Light, comfortable, easy - these sandals are it. Plus, they come in a few different camo patterns. 

8. Speck Products Elements iPhone Case

Mossy Oak iphone case

This is something she always has on hand and will certainly put to good use, probably. These iphone cases by speck are durable, won't fade and have Microban antimicrobial protection. Which is kind of a big deal these days.

9. Duluth Pack Totes, Packs, Purses and More

Duluth Pack mother's day gifts

These bags are made in the U.S.A. and are meant to last. And if something goes wrong, they'll fix it. With camo and solids, the problem with these bags is that it's hard to choose the ONE. Moms use bags. Moms need bags that last. I just sent a link to my husband in the middle of typing this. Go. Now. 

10. Antler Pendant Mossy Oak Earrings

Antler Pendant Earrings Mossy Oak jewelry

These stainless steel earrings are unique, yet simple. Jewelry is a go-to option when shopping for women, but these earrings may be unexpected but appreciated by the huntress in your life. 

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