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Manzella Snake Touchtip Gloves

Provided by Brian Stephens | 


As turkey season continues, many passionate outdoorsmen and women think about their next trip to the woods, reflecting on their last hunt, lessons learned and gear used. A piece of clothing that is often overlooked by many hunters, including myself at times, is quality hunting gloves. On a recent hunting trip to Nebraska, I used the Manzella Snake Touchtip gloves in Mossy Oak Break-Up.

These Manzella Snake Touchtip gloves are designed to be a stretch, base layer glove that have an extra-long cuff and advanced grip with Control Trax palm.  What I liked about these gloves was the comfortable fit and the way they formed to my hand.  When turkey hunting, I need the best hunting gloves that are form-fitting allowing me to pull calls and items out of my turkey vest, work camera equipment and other functions without having to take the gloves off.  Another really cool feature of the Manzella Snake Touchtip gloves is they are compatible with touch screen devices.  You can work your smart phone with your gloves on.  Finally, someone has figured this out!

The shell of the Manzella gloves is made from Polyester and Spandex blend allowing the gloves to fit firmly to your hand but also breathe.  If your hands get too hot then you will want to take the gloves off thus minimizing your concealment.  On the palm of the glove there is a control trax texture that allows the hunter to easily work with their gear, decoys, etc. Once these gloves were on, I forgot they were there.  I was able to put out decoys, put on my turkey vest, work camera equipment and smart phone without feeling like I had to take the gloves off to do that detailed work with my hands.

Manzella_llThe extra-long cuff on these gloves helps to ensure that you are completely concealed in the woods.  It helps to prevent your wrist watch from showing that could catch the eye of a leery tom coming to decoys.  As Turkey Hunters we know that total concealment is key to getting a shot on a big tom. The reason I may not have gloves on is due to taking them off to do certain functions. Then when I need to get into action, they are on the ground or my pocket.  The Manzella gloves provide a level of concealment and versatility that will allow you to keep these gloves on throughout the entire hunt, keeping you as concealed as possible.

I will also be using the Manzella gloves in the fall during deer hunts in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity.  Manzella manufactures a variety of hunting gloves that provide different levels of warmth based on your environment and situation. There are styles for gun hunters and bow hunters alike.  Again, the key is allowing the hunter to be able to do functions without having to take gloves off.  I also like the fact that they make gloves specifically designed for women and kids.  This attention to detail allows all types of hunters to find a glove and style that works for them in a variety of hunting and outdoor environments.  Manzella clearly does not have a “One Size Fits All” approach to gloves for their consumers. 

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