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Irish Setter VaprTrek Hiker

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As a hunter that has been fortunate enough to hunt across North America, I have been faced with a variety of terrain and conditions while on these adventures.  There is no question that having the right weapon, optics and gear is important.  Although, having high-quality boots is vital.  When your feet hurt, are wet or uncomfortable, it can impact your entire hunt and potentially outcome of that experience.  The Irish Setter VaprTrek boot in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity is one I was able to recently review.

The VaprTrek is a highly advanced boot for the hunter and outdoorsmen starting with RPM technology, a breakthrough composite sole material that significantly reduces the weight of the boot. The result of this material is 40-percent lighter than their traditional big game boots. In addition to its lightweight feel, the VaprTrek offers an athletic maneuverability that heightens both balance and traction, providing the hunter a boot to deal with the outdoors with the dexterity of an athletic shoe.  I really liked the traction on the bottom of the boot.  I can see it being really effective when I am out west or in Arizona hunting in the mountains or dessert.

Another feature of the VaprTrek boot is the Ultra Dry waterproofing system that combines a moisture management lining with waterproof components for dry, long lasting comfort.  I have worn many boots in the past that were waterproof but did not breathe, resulting in my foot getting hot and sweaty - not a good combination for the big game hunter.  The fact that these boots can keep your feet dry and comfortable will result in your ability to stay in the outdoors for a longer period of time.

Something else I always look for is how durable a boot is.  It might look good, be comfortable but if it cannot withstand the abuse I put it through then I am going to pass.  None of the quality boots on the market are cheap. The quality, design and advanced materials come with a cost to help you be more effective in the field.  I want a boot that I can use in almost any hunting scenario for a number of years.  The VaprTrek has an ARMATEC technology that provides a protective covering that is incredibly tough and abrasion resistant to extend the life of your boot.  You can see and feel the quality of this boot when you hold it and realize it can take a lot of abuse no matter if you are in the swamps in the south or on side of Mountain.

As a passionate whitetail deer hunter I respect the nose of a mature buck.  I like the fact that the VaprTrek includes a Scent Ban scent control process within these boots.  This helps to kill bacteria that cause odors within the leather and lining of the boots - another feature that will help me be more productive in the field when I am hunting whitetails, hog hunting in the south or big game out west.  Not only are these boots highly functional, they also blend into their environment with the Break-Up Infinity pattern to help you be as concealed as possible no matter if you are 20 feet up in a tree or on a spot and stalk from the ground.

Overall, the VaprTrek boot in Infinity is an impressive hunting boot with numerous high-quality features to help you be more comfortable and productive in the outdoors.  When your feet are comfortable and dry you are going to stay in the field longer.  Not only that, these boots can take a beating and withstand most any terrain you throw at them due to the design and quality materials within the boot.  Once you put your hands on these boots, you will appreciate the quality and when you put them on your feet you will realize the comfort, making them a “go to” hunting boot for almost any hunting scenario.  

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