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Gorilla Treestands G20 Safety Harness


Provided by Brian Stephens  

Did you know that 1 out of 2 tree stand users do not use any form of Fall Arrest Device (  Sadly, tree stand incidents and deaths are an all too familiar occurrence within the hunting community. National studies indicate that approximately 10- 30 percent of hunters who hunt from an elevated stand will have an incident some time in their hunting career. Some will not live to tell their story; others will tell it from a hospital bed or wheel chair. Many accident victims will never hunt again. Some states report higher fatality rates associated with tree stand incidents than with firearm incidents.  So why take the risk when there are so many great safety harness options today?  

The Gorilla G20 is one of those tree stand safety harnesses you should consider.

In the past, let’s face it, it was not cool to wear one of the clunky, heavy and uncomfortable harnesses.  If you were like me you thought that tree stand accident is not going to happen to me.  The reality is it can happen to any one of us.  That is why I have been religious about wearing a safety harness no matter if I am hunting or behind the camera.  This past year I started using the Gorilla G20 for several reasons.  I wanted a harness that was comfortable, low profile and had a long tether, so I could easily move around for shots.  The G20 had all of these features and more.

Gorilla_llThe G20 in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity is a streamlined, low profile safety harness for all-season comfort with an ultra lightweight, breathable form-fitting design that goes on in seconds.  There is nothing more frustrating than pulling out your harness and fighting with it for ten minutes trying to get it untangled.  The G20 has a 30-inch tether for 360-degree range of motion - never miss a shot!  The G20 also has an energy absorbing tether system that outperforms conventional harness designs and reduces felt fall force by nearly 40-percent.  I have actually fallen out of a tree with a harness to test it.  It was no fun.  This advanced tether system will not only save you but will help minimize the fall impact.  At 3.05 lbs., the new G20 delivers ultra lightweight comfort while meeting all TMA standards.  This is so nice during the early season when you are limiting your clothes due to the hot conditions.  Last thing you want is a bulky/heavy harness.

The G20 is fully adjustable and lightweight with rapid fit buckles for a quick and easy custom fit.  The back of the G20 has form-fitting padding in the lower lumbar, shoulders, and legs for secure all day comfort.  You can easily attach tree strap and harness-locking carabineer to ensure a secure connection to the tree.  There are also two accessory clips for gear.  Includes lineman's climbing belt-suspension relief pouch for easy transportation and storage.

The G20 has a near universal fit, for waist sizes ranging from 28 to 51 inches and comes in Break-Up Infinity.  I also like that the G20 has a chest strap and no waist strap.  This feature makes the G20 less restrictive but still has all the safety construction to keep you safe in the event of a fall.  The G20 is perfect for use with climbing tree stands, hang-on tree stands, and ladder stands.

Remember that when you climb that tree there are others to think about beyond yourself.  I am a confident hunter but I have to think about my family every time I climb into a tree stand.  The days of climbing 25 feet up in the air without a safety device are gone.  There are no excuses with all the options on the market.  The Gorilla G20 in is one of these harnesses that has all the safety features and at the same time, it is very comfortable.   

To learn more about the Gorilla G20 Safety Harness in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity go to


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