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GamePlan Gear BowBat XL

provided by Brian Stephens | 


Bowhunters, stop!  This next product I am going to share with you is on my Top 10 must-have list because of its functionality and practicality.  Two big words for a piece of equipment.  The GamePlan BowBat XL case in Mossy Oak Treestand camo pattern is awesome.  I have used this product for a month now and really like it.  It was designed by a bowhunter for a bowhunter, which makes it highly functional.  The company took customer feedback and developed a pack around real customer insights.  The layout of the case makes it highly practical in the field.  These two things combined make it a must-see product.

Up until now, I just carried my bow by the bowstring to the stand or blind (nothing wrong with that).  I would then have a rope to pull my bow up to the stand.  (Again, nothing wrong with that.) Often though, I fought with the pull rope and usually worried about my bow hitting the climbing sticks or getting caught up in brush.  I love the fact that I can throw my bow over my shoulder with a strap and climb the tree or easily step in the blind.  

BowBat_llThe folks at GamePlan designed the BowBat XL to allow the bow hunter to pack and carry a variety of items to the stand as well.  What makes this case so unique is that it does not become really bulky or awkward to carry even with numerous items packed in it.  In all reality, the BowBat XL can replace your backpack.  The BowBat XL not only protects your bow to and from the stand but it can also wrap around the tree for easy access of items in the various pockets (combination bow carrier and treestand workstation). 

At first glance you will see the #10 zippers for maximum durability. The BowBat XL is designed to easily wrap around your bow, with or without the quiver attached. I like this feature because it keeps my bow secure and protected from getting snagged on brush or limbs.  You will also see that BowBat XL has cam covers for each end of the bow. You can easily cover the cams or you can tuck the covers away and not use them if you want faster access to your bow.  BowBat was designed with many pockets kind of like a tackle box.  You can easily organize a variety of items in various pockets that are quickly and easily accessible.  On the side of the pack, you have a mesh zipper pocket that holds release, lights, gloves, wind checker, and the like The mesh pocket is a nice visual check to see if you have those essential items packed.

On the other side of the pack you have a longer mesh pocket for things like EZ Hanger, Thermacell, and other longer items. The 2014 models have an added expansion panel around the entire pack. Now you can unzip a giant panel around the outside edge, or use the newly added interior pockets for transporting extra clothes, scent-proof suits, scent eliminator spray bottles, pruning shears or limb saws.  You will be amazed as to how much you can pack in this section of the BowBat XL.

Overall, the BowBat XL pack can easily replace a backpack due to the design and layout of the pockets.  I can carry everything I need to the stand either by the carry handle or by a strap over my shoulder.  I love the Mossy Oak Treestand camo pattern that helps conceal it when in the tree stand.  It also comes in Break-Up Infinity, if that’s your pattern of choice. Check out the GamePlan BowBat XL and other GamePlan products in Mossy Oak patterns at

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