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Game Plan Gear Over-and-Under 3-in-1 Pack System

Content Provided by Brian Stephens, Ultimate Bowhunting TV


When I go on a hunt that requires vacation time, time from family and is costing me hard earned dollars, I am only going to use the best bowhunting equipment I can get my hands on. I recently went on a Mountain Coues Deer Hunt in Arizona. I was going to be filming this hunt and trying to shoot a Coues Deer all at same time. In order for me to pull this off, I had to have a pack that would carry my cameras, quiver, clothes for layering, and other equipment.

A majority of this hunt was spot-and-stalk with a great deal of walking. I chose the 'Over-and-Under' Pack system in Mossy Oak Treestand from Game Plan Gear, which is based on military pack platforms. What I really liked about this pack system when I saw it was its versatility. One day you could be out chasing elk with a full hydration set-up and full gear. Next month, you can break the pack down to use the Fanny as a stand-alone for turkey hunting. Finally, you can use just the backpack that also has a number of storage compartments for your hunting equipment.

GamePlan1The 'Over-and-Under' is actually three bowhunting packs in one. Whether you want to attach your arrow quiver on your hip for 'upright' stalking or crawl across a sage meadow on your belly (without your arrows waving in the air like a golf flag). You can mount your arrow quiver in endless positions and angles. They even designed a drop-open pocket on the face of the pack to hold your quiver hood in a soft neoprene cover. You can use the rubber 'PackStrap' to secure any brand or style of quiver onto the pack and virtually anywhere you find the webbing loops. This is key for me, as I do not shoot my bow with the quiver on it. This helps me keep my bow lightweight. At the same time I can quickly and easily access my arrows.

I had this pack loaded down in the main compartment with clothes and cameras. I had food and other equipment in the fanny pack portion of the pack system. I love the fact that you can quickly detach the main pack from the fanny pack and just use that portion of the system. This will be key for me during this upcoming turkey season. It will be easy to access my turkey calls via the fanny pack portion of the pack, Go Pro cameras and any snacks if I am going to be out all day.

There are numerous storage compartments to help you keep your equipment organized and secure. You can store water bottles on each side of the pack for quick and quiet access when needed.

GamePlan2The designers of the Over-and-Under clearly had the gun hunter and bowhunter in mind when they designed this pack system. There is so much versatility within the Over -and-Under pack. I was also impressed at just how comfortable this pack was during my 4-day Arizona mountain hunt. I had the pack on nearly all day and it was never bothersome to me. All of the straps are easily adjusted to fit to your body size and frame. Finally, the pack is very well made based on the zippers and stitching. It is practical and will take a beating, which is important for me based on the extreme types of hunting I do.

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