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Duluth Pack Canvas Dog Bed

Provided by: Brian Stephens | Co-host of Ultimate Bowhunting TV


Aren’t all dog beds the same? It is just a dog bed, right? I used to think so, until I got tired of replacing them on a regular basis. I have two large dogs that can be hard on everything they are around. I recently tried a new dog bed from Duluth Pack in Mossy Oak Break-Up. So far, so good. This high-quality dog bed seems to be holding up to my 90-pound Lab and 115-pound Rottweiler.  

The first thing I noticed about this dog bed was just how well it was made. I’m very impressed with the quality and durability. The Duluth Pack canvas dog bed is filled with an optimal mix of recycled materials that are anti-microbial. Made out of tough 15-ounce canvas construction, the durable canvas outer shell is removable for cleaning and will withstand years of heavy use. I really like the fact I can unzip the outer shell and remove it to be cleaned when it gets really dirty. Duluth Pack beds are guaranteed for life and are made in the USA. Duluth Pack makes a variety of colors and sizes of beds to choose from for your dog.  

DuluthDogBed_llThe fiber filling for the dog bed is a high-loft, eco-friendly recycled fiber made of 100-percent recycled, green plastic soda bottles. Each bed contains up to 70 recycled soda bottles. The liner is made of 2-ounce polypropylene. This bed is tough!  What Duluth Pack recommends to properly size a bed, is to measure your dog when lying down from nose to base of tail and add 8 inches. If in doubt, go to a larger bed size.

Located in Duluth, Minnesota, Duluth Pack as a company is well known for their handmade packs and bags built to last. Their factory has been building products since 1911. Each piece of Duluth Pack gear is painstakingly built by hand with attention and detail. They clearly stand behind their work and offer a lifetime warranty covering all craftsmanship and hardware used in the construction of their products and dog beds. 

Who would have thought this much attention to detail needed to go into a dog bed? Well they did, and it shows in the quality of the beds they make. What I have been impressed with is the quality down to the sewing and material. Additionally,the double zippers are built and incorporated into the dog bed by hand, resulting in a dog bed that frankly can take some wear and tear from large active dogs.  

When a dog is comfortable with a dog bed, they will use it.  When they are not, they want to jump on a couch or your bed.  That is not where we want our dogs! I really believe these Duluth Pack dog beds will withstand the wear and tear but are comfortable enough so that my dogs want to lay on them on a regular basis.  

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