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CanCooker_llIf you are like us, you put a lot of work into getting ready for each hunt. You burn a lot of energy along the way moving treestands or taking the long way to your stand to ensure you don’t get busted.  You put all this effort into your hunt and at the end of the day you are hungry!  Many times when we travel or even hunt near home we don’t have an outfitter cooking for us.  So, it is up to us to cook and prepare a meal.  I am all about EASY, FAST, and TASTE. That is why we have started using the CanCookers because they cook a meal fast that is healthy and tastes really good.

What I love about the CanCooker is it allows you to cook a lot of food without a lot of work.  CanCooker makes a complete meal in about one hour.  What is really cool is the CanCooker works on any heat source – campfire, camp stove, propane stove, charcoal or gas grill, turkey fryer, stove top, etc. and it’s easy to clean up! This makes CanCooker or the new CanCooker Jr. ideal for camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, family gatherings, picnics or any outdoor get-together. 

Beyond being convenient and easy to use.  You can be creative on how you cook your food with a variety of all natural seasonings that are available to cook Chicken to Seafood.  Some of these include an All Purpose Seasoning, Butter Garlic Salt, Creole Seasoning, Onion Pepper and Seasoned Salt to ensure anything you cook tastes great.

When I first got my hands on the CanCooker Jr., I was amazed how well it was made and how simple it is to use.  One of the things that makes it so unique is its revolutionary one-piece “shouldered” design:

  • Creates convection, which circulates the steam for faster cooking. 
  • The circulating steam also helps keep food from sticking to the inside of the CanCooker, which makes clean up remarkably easy. 
  • The food that comes out of CanCooker is fresh and very flavorful and it maintains its natural flavor better than other forms of cooking. 
  • This is because the steam does not leach away the flavors and nutrients. Everything comes out tender and tasty. Nothing comes out dry.

Here is how simple it is to use:

  1. Load it and season if desired.
  2. Place it on the heat source and wait about an hour.
  3. Food comes out piping hot and ready to eat.

Yes it is that easy. I was a bit surprised just how simple it was to use.  And yes it tastes good too. It’s one thing to cook something fast, but for it to taste good, well, that is a beautiful thing when you are hungry.

I highly suggest the CanCooker or CanCooker Jr. as it is portable and perfect for those 2-3 day hunts.  We can easily pack it and travel with the CanCooker Jr. We will be using it on several hunts this fall including a mountain Coues Deer/Mule Deer Hunt in September.

Go check out the CanCooker and all the Recipes from Chicken to Seafood at

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