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Big Green Targets


Brian Stephens | Ultimate Bowhunting TV

Big Green Targets is becoming a leader in the Archery Target Market due to their innovative target design, durability and overall consumer value. Big Green Targets has a variety of targets to choose from including Field Point Foam, Field Point Bag, Broadhead, Indoor/Outdoor and Pro Staff Targets.  

I have been using these targets over the past year and absolutely love them.  I like the fact that I have a target I can put in my back yard and shoot over and over again.  It has been rained on and beat up by the weather but still stops my fast PSE Bow and offers easy arrow removal.  I also like the other small cube targets such as the Super Pro Target, because I take it with me when I travel in my vehicle to hunting locations.  It does not take up much space and allows me to quickly shoot my bow to make sure it is still on.

Here are a number of reasons Big Green Targets is quickly becoming a leader in the industry:

  • High Performance - Designed to stop today's high speed bows, carbon arrows and crossbows
  • Easy Arrow Removal - The unique system design with 100% heat bonded, recycled foam outer core and 100% recycled fabric inner core allows for much easier arrow removal than other conventional layered foam targets.
  • Durable and Long Lasting - Independent testing proves that Big Green Targets are durable and will outlast conventional competitive targets.
  • Environmentally Friendly - The cores of all targets are made from 100% recycled materials from U.S. manufacturers and fabricators that were previously destined for landfills.
  • Great Price to Performance Value - Big Green Targets have a combined long life and economical cost that makes them one of the best-valued targets on the market today.

BGT_llIn 2013, Big Green Targets has come out with targets that have high definition faces with your favorite game to hunt. This spring we will be using the new Magnum Pro with the full strut turkey high definition face.  This takes your practice to a new level by being able to shoot at targets that simulate the real thing. I also love the fact that Big Green Targets has incorporated the vitals into the image to further help you have specific aim points to ensure you ethically harvest that bird.  The new HD faces are incorporated into the target so they will last a long time.  Not like some other faces that are applied after the fact and will eventually peel off.

This past year I was able to shoot a turkey grand slam with my bow and used the Big Green Target to help me practice and prepare. I will be going for round two of the Slam with the help of the new HD Turkey Face Target.  This will help me practice even more precise shots, specific to a gobbler in full strut for both body and headshots.  The key is having specific aiming points and these targets allow you to do that.  My brother and fellow Blood Brother on Ultimate Bowhunting TV is a retired sniper in the Special Forces.  His philosophy was "aim small, hit small."  I have taken this same approach to bowhunting and these new Big Green Targets help me do this.

The revolutionary heat bonded, layered foam archery targets and crossbow targets are the most exciting bow hunting targets to hit the market in years. These archery targets are made from 100% recycled foam, are long lasting, and are 100% weatherproof. Choose from a wide array of field point targets and broadhead targets. Add to your archery and crossbow supplies by investing in the archery equipment with the best price/performance ratio on the market. 

To learn more about these new targets visit

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