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Ott DeFoe’s Three Favorite Summer Baits

Ott DeFoe

I like to fish the Bass Pro Shops Fin-Eke Worm and the Bomb Craw, due to the fact that I’m a shoreline angler in the summer. I’m looking for bass that are holding in shoreline cover but more especially in shade during the summer months. The Fin-Eke Worm is a productive bait to fish – especially in shallow shade. 

If the bass don’t take that bait in shallow shade in the summertime, then I know they’re probably feeding on the bottom. That’s when I fish the Bomb Craw. I know many pro fishermen who catch numbers of good bass fishing offshore on ledges during the summer. However, I’m a river fisherman, and I’ve grown up fishing down the bank on visible cover and shade. I know there’s always bass in those two areas. Although I may change lures, the Bass Pro Shop Fin-Eke Worm and the Bomb Craw are my two, go-to lures.

The vision that also comes to my mind when you say, “Summertime fishing,” is fishing top-water lures. My favorite is the Rapala Skitter Walk in about the 5-inch size. Just at daylight and right at dark, on cloudy and rainy days, I like to fish this bait. I enjoy seeing the bass blow up on the bait, and I enjoy the excitement of hooking and bringing the bass to the boat.

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