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Drew Benton Explains How He’ll Fish the 2020 Bassmaster Classic

provided by John Phillips

Drew Benton big bassDrew Benton from Blakeley, Georgia, is fishing his third Bassmasters Classic. He is the newest member of the Mossy Oak Fishing Team.

I grew up fishing rivers, so I’m basically a shallow-water shoreline angler. I believe my strength is casting to visible or underwater targets within 8 feet or less of the bottom. I feel another one of my strengths is that I’m very comfortable sight-fishing for bedding bass or fishing for bass that are spawning that you can’t see. Also, since this is the third Bassmaster Classic I’ll be fishing, I’ll know more about what to expect. I also like this time of year – early March – that the 2020 Classic is being held. So, I really like my chances. 

When people ask me how I’ve fished in my previous two Classics, I say, “Well, I didn’t win. I lost.” I’ve put those two Classics out of my mind. I’ve fished 4 years on the Bassmasters Elite Circuit, and this year will be my third Classic. I feel like I’ve done really well to qualify for three Classics in four years of fishing.




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