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Terry Drury Shares Deer Hunting Tips



Terry Drury Says Being Invisible Is the Key to Taking Mature Bucks 

Editor’s Note: Terry Drury, the co-owner with his brother Mark of Drury Outdoors, produces several TV shows, including “Bow Madness,” “Dream Season BioLogic,” and “Drury Outdoors Wildlife Obsession” for the Outdoor Channel and “Natural Born,” which airs on the Pursuit Network, and has been a member of Mossy Oak’s Pro Staff since its beginning.

TDrury1_llDuring the opening of bow season, Mark and I like to use Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo. We feel that Infinity has depth, definition and detail and enables us to blend into any type of background behind us. Both of us are treestand hunters. Most of our hunting is in the Midwest in hardwoods like white oak trees, hickory trees or black oak trees. All these trees have somewhat-different bark patterns and the leaves on these trees are all structured a little bit differently. Break-Up Infinity blends in to any one of those trees during the early season. We believe the Infinity pattern is the best camo pattern Mossy Oak ever has made for our style of hunting and where we hunt. Having said that, we also use Mossy Oak Treestand. We fell in love with this pattern when it first came out, mainly because we are treestand hunters. 

We still wear this pattern late in the season when the leaves are off the trees. We pick our camouflage depending on the back cover that we have when we are hunting from treestands. If a deer brings his head up and looks straight at us, we want that deer to be able to look through us, or just see us a part of the tree in which we are hunting. The idea behind any camouflage is to make the hunter invisible to the game. Mossy Oak makes so many different patterns of camouflage that we always can find one that is perfect for the place that we are hunting. In most situations, in the early season especially, we feel that Infinity fills that niche better than any-other camo pattern. The real test of a camo pattern is not what that pattern looks like in a sporting goods dealer’s store. The true test is how that pattern blends in with your surroundings in the woods. This is the reason that we have always worn Mossy Oak. We’ve field-tested their patterns in the woods when deer were looking at us. If deer can’t see you, when they are looking straight at you, then you have an effective camouflage pattern. Even if you move slightly, and you appear to be a part of that background, the deer may see that movement and may turn and walk away, but he won’t be terrified. Many times, that buck will turn around and walk right back to you. He will start feeding again, and bring his head up quickly two or three times to try and catch you moving. Then, he will settle back down and present you with a shot. 

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