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Stalk the Stalks


Whitetails love corn and they need to find a spot where there are left undisturbed. After a farmer makes their last pass through a corn field, man usually doesn't enter the spot again until it's harvested. While the rest of the hunters are off pressuring the “deer woods,” the standing corn can become a secure home. The problem is “how do you hunt them?”

To hunt the corn successfully you need mature corn stalks (after they turn brown), and a good wind or rain to cover the noise of your approach. Usually with a strong wind or rain, sitting in a treestand isn't that much fun anyhow. When stalking through from row to row, make sure you peak your head through and look both ways before stepping into the row. Obviously, you want to see the deer before they see you. Practice guiding your bow behind your leg because it’s easy to become entangled in the corn-stalks.

After you spot a bedded deer, caution becomes crucial. Make sure you put the wind to your advantage and proceed slow and with care. The tendency is to move in and take the shot as fast as you can, but the deer isn't going anywhere until late afternoon or until you spook it. There seems to be a "nerve calming aura" when they’re bedded in the corn and with the wind rustling through the corn leaves it covers your sound and movement. When done right it's incredible, you can get close enough to touch them with your bow. The final piece of advice is to practice making these short shots through cover – your bow sight line isn’t the same flight path of your arrow.

Will it be You?

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