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Proving Grounds: Perfect Plot


ProofPP_llDuring the last few years of planting and testing this blend has truly proven to be the “perfect plot.” In food plots throughout the whitetails’ range it continues to impress. Perfect Plot gives you the benefits of both, the tonnage producing, highly attractive annuals and the nutritious, dependable, low-maintenance perennials. It is easy to plant, dependable and gives the best in nutrition as well as attraction. With a little care and maintenance Perfect Plot should provide years of high quality food for your herd. Making up the bulk of the blend, the New Zealand clovers, alfalfa, and chicory were chosen for their track record of being very hardy varieties with great longevity and are without a doubt the three most attractive and nutritious perennials available for attracting and growing bigger, healthier deer. Perfect Plot wouldn’t be perfect without having the ability to not only come back year after year, but also have some highly attractive annuals for early and late season draw. Austrian Winter Peas are included for early season attraction, along with several varieties of our world famous New Zealand brassicas to give your plot the late season appeal when the really cold weather sets in. For a manager who wants the absolute best for their herd or a beginner looking for just one thing to plant, “Perfect Plot” may be “just that.”

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