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My Biggest Saskatchewan Buck in 2017

Pat Reeve | Mossy Oak ProStaff

Pat Reeve Saskatchewan Buck

I was asked about the biggest deer I took during 2017 that hadn’t lived on my property. I took a 160-class buck with my bow in Saskatchewan, Canada. Nicole and I hunt Saskatchewan every year, and I’ve been going with Buck Country Outfitters in northern Saskatchewan for 12 years. We hunt there in the northern forests where the bucks have chances to get some age on them, since they don’t have much hunting pressure. These bucks have chocolate antlers, and you never know what buck will show up for you to hunt. 

When we went up there to hunt for the first time in 2017, Nicole took a really nice 10-point buck with her bow, hunting out of ground blind. But I didn’t harvest one. I was hunting one certain buck, however, I never had the opportunity to take him. On that hunt, the weather was mild for Saskatchewan. Although I spotted the buck I wanted to take, I couldn’t get him within bow range. So, I returned to Saskatchewan for another week later in the season, when the weather was colder, never climbing above zero degrees, and snow arrived. I had to use a heater in a Go Muddy pop-up blind to keep my fingers warm and stay warm enough to shoot my bow. 

On that hunt, the huge buck got within 20 yards of me. I got a double-lung shot on him. The big buck went down and fell down on camera, after traveling only about 40 yards. I used Go Muddy’s Pro Cam trail cameras and got numbers of pictures of this buck. I had seen him on the first day I hunted and almost got a shot at him then. But he didn’t give me a broadside shot. Then on the second day of the second trip to Saskatchewan, he came in and presented a broadside shot. I truly believe that that buck sensed we were there. But I waited until he turned his head away from me before I came to full draw. I got my pin sight settled behind his shoulder. Since I shoot a 70-pound bow, I had a good shot with this hard-hitting bow. So, the buck didn’t go far.

Pat Reeve and his wife Nicole are the hosts of “Driven” TV. This year is their 11th season to host the show. This season, Pat has hunted in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Canada’s Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan. 

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