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Jake Meyer's First On-Camera Texas Buck

Hunter:  Jake Meyer
Date:  December 2, 2017
State:  Texas
Animal:  Whitetail
Weapon:  Remington Model 783 30-06
Scope:  Leupold VX 5 Scope
Public/Private Land:  Private
Outfitter:  Vato Outdoors

Jake Meyer Texas Buck Jake Meyer Texas Buck Jake Meyer Texas Buck Jake Meyer Texas Buck

This was the first morning of my 8-day hunt just outside of Eldorado, TX.  We were setup up in a well-known travel corridor catching the deer coming from their primary food source back to their bedding area.  We were seeing a large amount of deer since first light.  At about 8:30 AM, while watching several deer moving out in front of us, I caught movement to my immediate right and saw this buck.  I immediately knew he was a big deer.  We quickly decided that he was a mature deer of at least 5 ½ years old.  The buck gave me a great shot opportunity at about 100 yards and I made it count.  We were able to watch him quickly expire.  This was the first animal I ever shot on camera. He is a deer I am very proud of and honored to call mine.

A special “Thank You” goes out to Mossy Oak’s Jon Tatum for laying down such gorgeous footage.  For this being my first kill on camera, I am very fortunate to have the memory documented by someone with such skill.  Another “Thank You” goes out to Steve “Vato” and Michelle Anderson for being such wonderful hosts and for sharing your slice of heaven with us!

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