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Thanks Mom

Mothers. What can you say about them?  

I have a good perspective on just how special Moms are. I’m around them all the time. A wife that’s a Mom, two daughters that are wonderful Moms and, of course, my own Mom. Sadly, we lost my Mom a few months ago, but what a wonderful spirit she had and not a day goes by I don’t think about her. The memories are so numerous that it takes a current episode or experience to recall certain ones. 

For instance, I was watching one of my grandsons playing in the dirt the other day. His little Mossy Oak t-shirt was covered in mud as was his face and hands. My wife saw him and said something like “we need to clean that baby up.” His Mom said, “he’s fine; they need a little dirt to grow.” I almost cried because I can remember my Mom saying those exact words. 

Being a Mom to a bunch of outdoor-minded knuckleheads is a special calling, no doubt. The normal “Mom rules” on safety that go along with everyday life are magnified with hunting and fishing activities. They worry about the cold, the wet, the woods, the water, the guns, the bows and arrows; I can only imagine what else. They also have to educate themselves on what are usually “non-Mom” things like how to load a BB gun or how to untangle a fishing reel. Not to mention handling dead critters from tent to table. 

They are special indeed and we are all blessed to be able to watch them and mold our own behavior and character after a person who has but one single-minded goal in life: to make things better for us. That’s a high calling indeed and one that we should all be eternally grateful for. 

Thanks Mom. 

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