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Neill Haas Gives Advice to Anyone Who Wants to Be a Field Producer


Editor’s Note: Twenty-three year old, third-generation Mossy Oaker Neill Haas is a field producer and an editing assistant for the brand’s TV shows. “My dad, Toxey, and my granddad, Fox, have taught me everything I know about hunting and the Mossy Oak Company – from the basics of the business to why there is a Mossy Oak,” Neill Haas says.

Question: Neill, what advice will you give to anyone who wants to be a field producer, or a hunter who only may be shooting hunting videos for his own enjoyment or to show to his friends? 

Neill Haas: I haven’t been working as a field producer long enough to give anyone advice; I feel like a freshman in the college of outdoor TV production. But for me, having a good mentor, learning how to use my equipment, understanding how to get organized and stay organized have been major keys to my career thus far. 

I also suggest viewing becoming a field producer as a learning experience. If you’re filming with your buddy, before the hunt, decide who’s going to be in charge. To get good video of a hunt, only one person can be in charge, even if you’re buddy hunting. You also have to remember that being a field producer is about keeping the hunter happy. Use this time to fine tune the art of directing without being bossy. 

My job allows me to do the things I really love to do. I have an opportunity to work with some great people, learn from some of the best in the business and go hunting all over the nation. I’m also seeing a side of the Mossy Oak business I’ve really wanted to learn about since I was a kid. I’ve grown up in the culture of Mossy Oak: hunting, land stewardship and the business of television. However, with my venture as a field producer, I’ve taken the first steps on the path of a new profession. I am a part of Mossy Oak; I want to continue to grow more and keep on learning about the outdoors and the TV production side of Mossy Oak. Honestly, I don’t know of any place I would rather be.

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