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Weed ID: Sesbania


Sesbania is an annual herb in the legume family and can grow in height from 3-10ft. Its leaves are easily identified and can range in size from 4-12 inches and can have up to 70 leaflets per leaf. There are many varieties of Sesbania all with very similar leaf, flower, and seed pod shape. Sesbania prefers to grow in low and somewhat wet soils such as alluvial soils along lakes and rivers, low sandy spots in row crop fields and sand bars of creeks and streams. It is also known to grow well in highly disturbed soils along roadsides and railroad tracks and common where waterfowl impoundments are planted in low wet soils, where it can quickly become problematic. Sesbania commonly germinates when wet areas and mud flats begin to dry up in hot temperatures late in the growing season. Sesbania can be found in Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas and most all the southeastern states.

Photo courtesy of University of Georgia

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