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TIP: Creating Watering Holes

9-25 Water
This fall watering holes for whitetails and other wildlife may be hard to find. With a good portion of the U.S. in some stage of a drought, many of the reliable places for critters to get a drink are all dried up. If you own or manage a piece of property but don’t have a couple of sources of water, your animals will certainly go elsewhere to find it. If water is the piece you are missing from your management puzzle, don’t worry. In just a few hours time, a bulldozer or back hoe can create an area to hold water in just the place you want it.

Keep in mind you don’t need a 3 acre pond to satisfy the hydration needs of wildlife. Strategically placed watering holes dug 2-3 ft deep and just a few thousand square feet in size can be beneficial. Small livestock tanks that hold 100-200 gallons can also be buried in ideal spots close to bedding areas and food sources. These watering holes, though small in size, can benefit everything from rabbits to deer and help you be a true GameKeeper.

Sportsmen's Bill held up in the Senate
One of the bills deals with polar bear hides, so of course that's what the mainstream media is focusing on--as though trophies are the only important aspect of hunting and angling. But there are 90-some million sportsmen in this country who don't have polar bear hides they'd like to bring home. Last year alone, hunting and fishing contributed $646 billion in direct spending to the economy. These bills cover far more ground than allowing a

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