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The Safety-Minded GameKeeper

4-10 Safety

With spring settling in a little sooner than normal this year, GameKeepers everywhere are getting geared up to accomplish a variety of management chores on their property or club – there are food plots to plant, trees to cut, road and trails to repair and camp house maintenance just to name a few. Along with these chores comes a few of mans' favorite toys: tractors, chainsaws, power tools, and ATVs. It goes without saying that all these have an inherent danger, but to complicate things the places we are usually using these tools of the trade are usually remote and no one may even know you're there. Make a point this year to be careful and not let a simple task at the farm turn into an injury or tragedy. Some of these tips may seem like simple common sense or even trivial, but they might save someone’s life.

We don’t want this to sound like a negative message, we just want everyone to keep safety as a top priority when working outdoors.

  • Let someone know where you are going to be.
  • When operating tractors and implements, make sure all guards and covers are in place AROUND PTO SHAFTS, for example.
  • When it comes to chainsaw work, no one likes wearing chaps but just ask any person who has had a close call where the chaps saved their leg -- they are worth the trouble.
  • Operating tractors, ATVs, or UTVs on steep grades and hills? Don’t get in a hurry; use recommended safety gear, especially helmets.
  • When moving, replacing, or removing treestands and shooting houses, WEAR YOUR SAFETY BELT OR HARNESS. There are countless stories of injuries doing this chore.
  • Even the smallest of chores can turn into an accident if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Make sure you have the right gear to do the job safely.

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