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The Best Summer Food Plots


The choices are many. Picking the right plantings for your property is a daunting task, especially considering the hundreds of seed and seed combinations out there to choose from. Everything from plant characteristics to soil type to climate and location have to be taken into account in order to make sure the plots are the best for your particular needs.

High-quality, valuable seed must be purchased, and the proven products from the Mossy Oak BioLogic line will help immeasurably. These various seed combinations offer palatability for the deer, high production and high protein levels, which are all necessary for the herd to achieve optimum size, health and antler size.

Legumes are a fantastic summer food plot. In fact, legumes are recommended for both northern and southern locations because of their ability to thrive in almost any terrain. Highly palatable to deer, legumes offer a wealth of protein and digestible nutrients. Legumes also offer the land manager a huge advantage since they bring nitrogen into the mix. Nitrogen is a key factor in amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. 

Another summer food crop that should be added to the property is grain sorghum/milo. Very simple to grow, sorghum is a solid choice where high whitetail densities will prevent other grain crops from living through the summer. Sorghum is much more resilient than corn and competes extremely well with weeds that are desperately trying to invade. A drawback of grain sorghum is the fact that it’s less desirable than corn when it comes to the deer needing a source of winter carbohydrates. Larger acreage supporting a larger number of deer will become more profitable if grain sorghum is used in a mixture of other plantings.

Part of a great spring and summer food plot comes in the form of soybeans. In fact, soybeans draw the bucks in the summer like a bee to a honeycomb. Easy to establish, they can grow well in the drier states just like sorghum does. The plant is also extremely good at extracting minerals from the soil that are greatly needed and used by the herd. 

Very high in protein, the leafy parts of the soybean plant are loved by deer. During the summer, deer will only eat the leaves. However, if you have a high number of deer in your area the plants may be totally consumed before summer even rolls around. So keep a watchful eye. Soybean plants are vulnerable when first maturing, so if a deer bites off the plant during the two-leaf stage it will unfortunately not grow back. Once reaching maturity, the soybean plants are resilient and can deal with the feeding pressure. 

ESSummerPlots_llPeredovic Sunflower is an excellent source of protein, especially when it comes to helping the wild turkey population. This warm-season plant produces small black seeds high in oil content, and thrive in almost all locations. The Peredovic Sunflower can be grown by itself in strips or planted with millet and other annual grains. Taking around 100 days to mature, the sunflower provides the seeds for turkeys, quail, doves and pheasants. One thing to remember, however, is that if the deer density is high in your location and you haven’t provided them with a variety of other food plots, they will eat the sunflower plants when they’re young - effectively rendering the plant a dud.

Again - protein, protein, protein! BioLogic offers the ideal spring/summer blends consisting of Iron Clay cow peas, soybeans, high gear milo, sorghum and the giant Peredovik Sunflower, as well as other product combos that provide the protein and nutrition to attract wildlife and keep them there.

Invest in the best spring/summer food plots now, and make sure to choose the seed or seed mix that will provide you and the herd with high-quality forage.

To provide the wildlife on your land the very best in wildlife forages, visit We understand why you land and critters are important to you and you can trust Biologic to provide the highest quality, scientifically proven wildlife products available.

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