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Rural property is easier to buy with help

Provided by: Mossy Oak Properties


Investing in rural land might seem like a daunting task to many individuals. After all, buying a tract of land is likely one of the largest purchases someone will make in their lifetime, so it's essential to find the right help. 

Thankfully, experienced brokers who specialize in rural land sales are available as a resource for help. Their expertise and vast knowledge of a very specialized market can prove invaluable to a first-time land buyer is having, allowing them to make a more informed decision and purchase a property that best suits their wants and needs

Choosing a Land Specialist
A good land broker will know the land better than the land itself," said Chris Hawley, the CEO/President of Mossy Oak Properties, Inc. and 30 plus year veteran of the land brokerage industry.  "The best land brokers are either educated or experienced in something-say for instance agriculture or forestry-that relates closely to the tracts of land typically sold in their area. They will be able to give their clients a crash course on land ownership and characteristics because that is their specialty," said Hawley.

The Mossy Oak Properties difference
When Hawley and close friend Toxey Haas, the creator of the Mossy Oak outdoor brand, decided to launch the Mossy Oak Properties franchise network in early 2003, the mission was simple: give those interested in purchasing land a trusted and knowledgeable brokerage network to help any buyer make the right decision.

"We understand land buyers because we are land owners too," said Hawley. "We know that rural land ownership is an exciting yet anxious time in someone's life, and we want to give consumers the best land specialists in the business to make it a dream come true and not a nightmare."

"The land business is unique, and has so many different things that affect it that are completely different than the residential or commercial markets," said Hawley. "I would encourage anyone looking to purchase land to do it now, because it is truly the best and most fulfilling investment you can make, and would encourage them to talk to a Mossy Oak Properties land specialist to establish the wants and needs they have in a property. A good land specialist will be able to parlay a buyers' wish list into the tract of land that fits them best."

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