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Property Plans

Bobby-Cole-170Mossy Oak BioLogic’s Bobby Cole fosters a deep love for wild places and is obsessed with properly managing those places. A pure land management genius, Cole has some great advice for those that have just purchased a piece of property.

“Purchasing a piece of property is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming,” said Cole. “Most people have a vision of what they plan to do with a specific piece of property before they even close on it. They know if they want to grow big deer, plant for turkey or even suit it specifically for waterfowl. But when it actually comes time to start the process, most don’t know where to turn. We at BioLogic offer a service where we actually do virtual property plans. Honestly, our biologists are like interior decorators for your outdoor property. You can talk to guys who can jump right on Google Earth, locate your property and overlay soil maps. By doing this, they can give you immediate feedback on the types of food plots you should grow and the trees you should plant. We can even send someone out to your place and have them walk it with you. It’s a great idea to have someone with lots of land management experience and a trained eye give you some suggestions and point you in the right direction. Consulting with a professional will give you peace of mind and also save you some money.”

For more information about visiting with a BioLogic professional, visit Also be sure to check out and

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