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Mossy Oak Celebrates 4th Annual National Day of Conservation

children plant trees

The Mossy Oak Properties 4th annual National Day of Conservation has arrived and will be officially celebrated across the country on Saturday, September 25th. 

David Hawley of Mossy Oak Properties has been an integral part of National Day of Conservation since its inception. Of the day, he says "We at Mossy Oak live by the creed that the good we do will live long after we're gone. We are the tip of the spear for conservation. It's not someone else's responsibility--it's our responsibility. We are going to have an impact on the wildlife and the land we call home."

The day was created as a way to get people engaged and rallied together for the common purpose of improving the land, whether it's through stream cleanups, through youth fishing rodeos, through planting trees--whatever people can do to improve their local native community. It serves, more than anything, as a day of awareness and reminder to get out, get your hands dirty, and make the land a better place than when you found it. 

To celebrate National Day of Conservation, Mossy Oak will be giving out free saplings from our own tree nursery, Nativ Nurseries, on Friday from 2-5 pm at the Mossy Oak store in our hometown of West Point, MS. In additions to the trees given out that encourage people to start the next generation of wildlife, Mossy Oak BioLogic seed and Gamekeeper magazines will be given out and Gamekeeper Butchery samples will be available for everyone at the event.

We encourage others to get out into their local wildlife, lands, and waters to join in on the work for National Day of Conservation. 

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