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Managing Native Plantlife is Imperative to a Successful Property


When it comes to achieving and maintaining the overall health of your property - supplemental food crops, soil testing, fertilizers - everything is taken into account. But it is the native plantlife and vegetation that make up the actual core when it comes to having a productive and healthy ecosystem.

Native plants are used for everything from reforestation to rangeland improvement to enhancing wildlife on a property, and with the right fertilization techniques and plantings, native vegetation can thrive. This growth offers those much needed nutrients to the soil that everything from crops to the surrounding wildlife need in order to sustain good health.

Native plant materials offer huge advantages to the property owner providing food sources and reducing energy consumption and pollution; they also reduce the need for pesticides, as well as provide security and protection for at-risk species. These benefits and more come into play, while enhancing the visual quality of the land all at the same time.

The key to selecting the correct native plant materials is to learn all there is to know about your particular geographic location and the diverse native vegetation that the area already supports. Choosing plantings from Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries that match the site conditions as closely as possible can ensure success. Not only will the soil be more advantageous for food crops, but the stock will also be adapted to local climate and soil conditions, offering more resistance to damage from freezing, drought and common diseases. Plantings must adapt to the changing climatic and environmental conditions of your area, because plant populations not recommended will be far more susceptible to simply dying on the vine, so to speak.

Native plant materials are the first choice when it comes to restoring an ecosystem, increasing the health of the habitat where the wildlife is roaming.

Managing techniques such as learning seed zones and plant movement help determine which plant materials would best adapt to the climate and environment of a particular planting site. Although developing seed zones is a slow process, involving the study of plant traits over several years in a particular area - research has already been done by specialists to make sure that the plantings you require are the right ones. 

ESNativePlants_llWhen it comes to Mossy Oak, specialists in all areas have made sure the plant species and seed created give the land manager the ideal products that their property deserves. Although Mother Nature does her job well, the combinations and mixtures found at Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries offer the absolute best way to enhance what nature originally provided.

On the website, the Seed Zone Mapper (located on each product page) is a huge benefit to land managers. This mapping application allows end-users to view and download data on provisional seed zones; this way they can choose the correct plant material for development, conservation and restoration activities. Species-specific seed zones are also available. With backgrounds on maps and ancillary layers (boundaries, etc.), the Seed Zone Mapper contains a huge collection that will make learning and understanding seed zone layers much easier. 

Nativ Nurseries has provided wildlife plants to conservationists all across America, as well as shipping specialized plants to outdoorsmen in over 30 states around the continental U.S.; plants that have been, for the most part, previously unavailable for purchase.

Cultivating naturally occurring species of plants that wildlife stewards prefer, Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries plant collection includes an assortment of hybrid and specialty oak trees - many of which are exclusive to the company. In addition, managers will find varieties of fruit trees and shrubs which  play a huge role in producing healthier wildlife and a far more productive habitat.

Customers can view information on how, where, when, and which species to plant, including many helpful tips and tactics. So when looking for a way to keep that natural ecosystem alive and well, turning to Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries will make the process far easier than it’s ever been before.

Find the best selection of plants for creating and restoring wildlife habitat at Our plant species are hand selected and hand grown with special attention to be sure we provide you with the absolute best Mother Nature has to offer.

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