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Healthy Soil, Healthy Antlers

3-27 Healthy Soil

Food plot farmers are different than cash-crop farmers in several ways. A cash-crop farmer wants the most out of their crop and will usually work their fields under during the fall, after they've been harvested. Since food plot farmers are most concerned about the wildlife we usually leave our crops sit through the winter.

The problem comes with the plant residue that we work under in the spring doesn't have the time to break down into valuable organic matter like it should. Then on top of that, when we work the soil in the spring (or any time) we kill beneficial microorganisms and nematodes that help in this process. A healthy soil is a key to a healthy food plot, which is a key to healthy deer with big antlers. Using SOIL SOLUTION will help to replace those helpful microorganisms and stimulate microbial activity which aids in digestion of the post harvest residue. One 32 OZ. BOTTLE will treat an entire acre.

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