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Give Your Food Plots A Chance To Grow


With spring in full swing and the woods coming to life after a long winter hiatus, the opportunities for improving habitat for wildlife are numerous. If you live in the South, the soil temperature is ripe for planting, and the Midwest and North are not far behind. If you have had problems in the past establishing spring and summer plots for your deer because of over browsing and high deer numbers, trying to time your planting to coincide with spring green up can be a big advantage. Whitetails love the fresh growth that the woods and thickets explode with during that first few weeks of green up. There is no other time of year when there is such an overwhelming amount of fresh browse from such a variety of plants. This explosion of vast amounts of new food throughout the woods can take a lot of pressure off of your plots and give them a chance to get some established growth that is more tolerant of browse pressure. It can be hard to realize that you can plant warm season plots like BioLogic’s LabLab or BioMass this early in the year, but once the threat of frost is gone and soil temperatures warm up to the upper 50s, it is game on. Also remember to try BioLogic’s Plot Protector Kit; this is what I rely on to make sure our plots get established and feed our deer for the entire summer.

-Austin Delano, R&D for BioLogic

This tip is courtesy of the GameKeepers Field Notes, a weekly wildlife and land management email newsletter produced by the Mossy Oak GameKeepers.



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