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GameKeepers are Wildlife Managers, Not Just Hunters

Riley Johnson of Lebanon, Tennessee, has been a member of the Mossy Oak ProStaff for three years, with a focus on gamekeeping. He's also a Mossy Oak Properties realtor.

doe and fawns

I consider myself a pretty typical hunter. Yes, I enjoy hunting and harvesting turkeys and deer, but I also enjoy seeing animals thrive on the two acres I have behind my house. I think I get as much enjoyment watching the deer and turkey come up in my backyard and feed as I do harvesting animals for food. 

Regardless of how large or small the property you own is, and no matter where it’s located, you can still use the principles that are taught in the Mossy Oak GameKeepers Program to improve your land to attract and hold wildlife. 

I also like to attract wild birds. We keep feeders out at all times. Seeing the wild birds gives me a good feeling, and I know I'm giving back more than I'm taking from the outdoors.
My fiance Jennifer will go hunting and fishing with me. She loves the outdoors, but she also loves protecting and watching the game and wild birds that come into our backyard. At home, she is a viewer of wildlife. However, when we go into the woods to find and harvest game, she’s a hunter. 

Gamekeeping is not just for hunters, but for those who enjoy wildlife conservation and land management. It’s a way of life for people who just enjoy seeing wildlife, especially close to home. I don’t believe hunting and wildlife land management are opposite of each other. I really believe and know, at least in my house, they're the same philosophy. When we’re not hunting wildlife, we like to watch it come to our backyard to feed and do what wild critters do. I have a lot of friends doing the same things we are. They love to hunt, but they also love to grow and observe wildlife when they're not hunting. You can learn a lot about wildlife when you can observe wildlife close to home.

GameKeepers Magazine is not just a hunting magazine, but a wealth of information for taking care of the land and wildlife on your property. GameKeepers are passionate for wildlife conservation as well as deer hunting and hunting and caring for other species. We are wildlife managers, working to conserve and preserve our outdoors heritage for those who come behind us. 

If you are interested in this field of work, I encourage you to check out what GameKeepers has to offer.

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