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The Mossy Oak GameKeeper Podcast Presents “The Reelfoot Lake Tragedy”

Reelfoot Lake tragedy podcast

The GameKeeper Podcast is aimed at teaching and sharing compelling stories with hunters of all types. The three hosts, Bobby Cole, Lannie Wallace, and Dudley Phelps provide hours of entertainment, mostly at each other’s expense, and plenty of nuggets of wisdom on the outdoors. The three sit down with a new guest each week to talk turkey, deer, waterfowl, property management, southern folklore, and more.

In late January, the duck hunting community was shocked when the news broke out of Reelfoot Lake that two duck hunters had been killed, and a manhunt for the alleged killer was underway. Rumors ran rampant, especially when the body of the suspect was recovered. Now that the dust has settled, we've learned the truth is different than what rumors led most hunters to believe. But the murders still leave many unanswered questions. The GameKeeper Podcast welcomes Outdoor Life Senior Deputy Editor Natalie Krebs, who interviewed the only witness, and other Reelfoot hunters, to write a very compelling story of the events that occurred that fateful day. A GoFundMe has been set up for the families and funeral expenses of the two men who were killed.

The Reelfoot Lake tragedy podcast

Through highlighting the unique relationship between hunters and wildlife, the GameKeepers of Mossy Oak delivers the best wildlife management practices and science based information to help you take your wildlife habitat management skills to the next level. Our wildlife management podcast celebrates the leading wildlife research from experts and conservation groups and breaks it down in how to apply information for the field. With the GameKeepers of Mossy Oak you’ll learn more interesting facts and details about North Americas favorite wildlife species. Many have compared it to a college level course that breaks it down into layman’s terms and useful information. Whether is whitetails, largemouth bass or migrating waterfowl, we’ll help you be a better sportsmen and more importantly a better Gamekeeper.


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