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British Labrador Training Designations


I'm often asked, “What level of training is available at Mossy Oak’s GameKeepers Kennels?” We have three levels of training – started, finished and hunted dogs. A started dog is trained to basic obedience commands – sit, stay, heel and back. A finished dog will get all the training that a started dog is taught, plus, he’ll be able to respond to hand signals and make blind retrieves. A hunted dog will be able to do everything that the started and the finished dogs can do, but a hunted dog actually will go hunting with you and perform what he's learned under hunting conditions. 

Another frequent question is, “What’s in the future for Mossy Oak’s GameKeeper Kennels?” Because Mossy Oak is a licensing-and-branding company, in the future, we hope to be able to provide any and everything that a hunter and a dog may need at home and in the field. 

GKK_day5If you’ve ever dreamed of days afield with a dog that can find and retrieve quail, doves, chuckers, pheasants or other upland birds, or a dog that can sit quietly in a duck blind with you, looking for ducks, waiting on the report of the shotgun, watching the ducks hit the water, hearing the command, “back,” jumping in the water, eagerly swimming to the downed duck or goose and bringing that bird back to you, then one of these British Labs may fulfill those dreams. 

One of the major problems that Mossy Oak has identified is that many hunters don’t have the quality time needed to train a great retriever, or they may not have the skill or expertise required to help a dog reach its full potential. Recognizing and identifying the need for quality breeding and exceptional training, Mossy Oak has decided to try and meet these needs for the upland bird hunters and waterfowlers across the nation. However, like other Mossy Oak products, they want the pups produced to be of the highest quality and be trained to the British standard of excellence for which the British Labs have been known. They also want these hunting dogs to be more than hunting dogs. They want them to have dispositions and a willingness to please that makes them great companions and family pets. To bring all these qualities into a special dog for special hunters, Mossy Oak has spared no expense to put all the elements together to produce a memorable dog, a life companion and a dog that will live in the memory of the hunter forever. 

To learn more about Mossy Oak’s GameKeeper Kennels, the dogs and the trainer, go to

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