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Mossy Oak Wild Turkey Stamp Funds Osceola Hen and Poult Research

poults on a log

Photography by David McCleaf

Funds contributed to Dr. Lashley's work (along with support from state agencies and the National Wild Turkey Federation) came from Mossy Oak's 2023 Wild Turkey Conservation Stamp.

Dr. Marcus Lashley’s wild turkey research was a recipient of last year’s stamp dollars; specifically, funds went directly to his large-scale research project which focuses on the reproduction and survival of the Oseola wild turkey. Dr. Lashley’s tireless team works in the field and in the lab to collect and analyze data on hen survival, nest site selection, nesting success, and poult rearing success. This information, of course, will allow biologists and wildlife management to continue to make informed and careful decisions that best allow for the success of the Osceola.

Another incredibly interesting aspect of his research is to analyze the impact that hunting activity has on gobbling activity. His team has placed 12 autonomous recording units that identify and record gobbles around the entire region in which Osceolas are found. These recording units have been placed on both hunted and un-hunted populations of Osceolas; his team plans to measure the gobbling activity across the entire Florida hunting season and analyze the impact, if any, that hunting pressure plays.

On the importance and impact of the Mossy Oak Wild Turkey Stamp, Dr. Lashley says, “There’s a lot of people that really care about turkeys. They want to help. Having a way for the average hunter to contribute directly to these resource projects has been phenomenal and helpful to our program. It’s a fantastic way to get people involved.”

wild turkey stamp

Photography by David McCleaf

As wild turkey research and conservation projects that the Mossy Oak Wild Turkey Stamp funds and will fund unfold, we plan to continue to update and keep stamp purchasers informed on where their dollars are going. We’re excited about quite a few irons in the fire this year and look forward to covering impactful and important projects around the country.

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To contribute directly to wild turkey conservation projects around the country, purchase the 2024 Mossy Oak Wild Turkey Conservation Stamp.

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