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One on One with Jon Lester

Coming Down Off the Mountaintop after Winning Baseball’s World Series


Editor’s Note: With the sport of baseball heating up the past couple of weeks, we revisited one of Mossy Oak’s Pro Staffers, Jon Lester. As a pitcher, Lester won the last game in the 2007 World Series. He pitched in games one and five for the Red Sox in the 2013 World Series and won both those games, enabling Boston to be the 2013 World Series championship team. Jon has been playing in the major League for 8 years as a pitcher and enjoys being outdoors.  

Question: Jon, what was having one of the biggest audiences in the world watch you win the last game of the 2013 World Series like?

Lester: This year was completely different from the World Series in 2007. I had been with the team (Boston Red Sox) for the entire year, growing and learning with my teammates. The years since 2007 have been tough, not only for me, but for the Boston Red Sox Organization, also. When we finally got back to the World Series, and we won it all, words couldn’t explain that feeling. 

Question: Jon, what was it like when the team arrived back to Boston after winning?

Lester5_llLester: Boston was crazy. The Boston Red Sox fans are some of the best in the world. In every way, they showed their appreciation for what the team had done for them and the city of Boston. 

Question: Jon, everybody was excited when the Red Sox won the World Series - the ultimate mountaintop experience for a baseball player. You’ve been to that mountaintop twice. What’s life like when the parades have ended, the gloves are hung up, and the enthusiasm from the crowd has died down? 

Lester: I like to go home and take a couple of weeks to relax. I go to my farm and ride around, just to be out in nature and decompress. I’ll get the farmhouse reorganized and then go into the woods for spring turkey season. Spring turkey season is my go-to time - the time of the year when I can re-gather myself and get back to the natural way of life. Hunting is a major part of my life, and spending time with my family is a major part of my life. We still travel a lot to go see family. Now the process is starting all over again to try and make another run for the mountaintop. 

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Watch the video with Jon Lester on how he got to the World Series:

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