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Hunting with ProStaffer Mark Jackson


Editor’s Note: Mark Jackson from Sequim, Washington, is on the Mossy Oak ProStaff and loves to bowhunt and shoot targets. 

Jackson1_llI have been wearing Mossy Oak for 8 years, because I believe Mossy Oak produces the best camo pattern I can find for the area I hunt in Washington State. My favorite pattern is Mossy Oak Treestand. I think the Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity pattern is better for midwestern and southern hunters, because of the type of foliage that you find there. Here in Washington, we have a lot of fir and cedar trees that are green year-round. So, I’m up in the limbs when hunting and primarily hunt from a Big Game Skybox Deluxe tree stand. I like this tree stand, because it is very packable. I easily can pack in and pack out with it. Whether I am hunting, shooting target archery or going to work, I wear Mossy Oak camouflage. Actually while I am doing this interview, I’m wearing a Mossy Oak Infinity shirt. 

On one hunt I had two deer less than 30-yards away looking right at me. Because I did not move, they never saw me. I think deer instinctively know when danger is present, even though they can’t identify the danger. These two blacktail deer turned and started walking slowly away from me. I would have had plenty of time to get off a bow shot and certainly a shot with my rifle, before the deer got out of my area. 

I believe one of the biggest differences between hunting whitetail and blacktail deer is that the whitetails seem to be more leery, which isn’t surprising. Whitetails have been hunted much harder by more people and for much longer than blacktails. Most whitetails by the time they are 3-years old have had several hunter encounters, and they are tuned-up on how to avoid the hunter danger. 

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