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Super Toy Products Introduces Mossy Oak Treestand Exhaust Tip


JACKSON, MO - Super Toy introduces the only powder-coated, camouflage exhaust tip on the market. The new line features Mossy Oak Treestand. 

SuperToy_llThe three-step coating process helps to make the tip durable. Super Toy is currently offering sizes of a 3.5” OD with a 2.25” inlet. The overall length is 18”, with the choice of the angle cut at 45 degrees (AC) or a softer look with the rolled angle cut (RAC). More sizes are to come. These tips are for a weld-on application and are great to accessorize the outdoorsman’s vehicle. 

Suggested retail price is $65-$70. Consumers can go to their local muffler shop and ask for “Super Toy Products by Farrow Fabricating.” If the muffler shop does not carry our product, contact Neil Briner at (800)-327-7691.

A customer (Jon P.) of Super Toy says, “Comparing your exhaust tip to these Super Toy tips is like comparing an Audi to a Kia. It’s amazing. I want to buy all you have on the shelves ready to ship.”

Visit the website and learn more at   

Super Toy is an officially licensed partner of Haas Outdoors Inc.

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