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Pursuit Channel Improves Location on DISH Lineup


Pursuit Channel (, a leader in offering hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation TV programming, will relocate to an improved channel location on DISH after July 10, according to Rusty Faulk, CEO and Founder of the Pursuit Channel.

Pursuit Channel will transition to channel 393 on DISH, which is the first of a group of outdoor-related channels in the on-screen program guide. DISH is now simulcasting Pursuit Channel for a two-week period while using its on-screen guide to direct customers from channel 240 to Pursuit Channel's new home on channel 393.

Pursuit Channel will continue to be available to the more than 14 million DISH customers in the United States.

"Aggregating Pursuit Channel with DISH's other outdoor channels is very strategic," said Faulk. "Our ratings are expected to continue to strengthen with this re-alignment on DISH while making it more convenient for the growing number passionate outdoor enthusiasts to find their favorite outdoor channel in the on-screen guide."

Pursuit Channel features a full schedule of outdoor content in 2013 including fan favorites like Struttin' Bucks, Bowhunting Addiction TV, American Airgunner, The Honey Brake Experience, Spook Nation, Doug Koenig's Championship Season and Mossy Oak's DEER T.H.U.G.s. The Bucket List, Flyway Highway, 3 Gun Nation and Tachycardia Outdoors will be premiering on Pursuit Channel this July. 

About Pursuit Channel

Pursuit Channel is a leader in the hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation television network market. Based in Glenwood, Ala., Pursuit Channel is the most widely distributed, pure hunting and fishing television network in the U.S. and is the only outdoor network delivered in DISH (393 PRST) and DIRECTV's (604 PRST) basic packages, giving Pursuit Channel a reach of approximately 40 million TV households, including on numerous cable TV operators. Since its launch in April 2008, Pursuit Channel has continued to expand its programming to meet a variety of interests of outdoor enthusiasts. Visit For advertising, contact MOOSE Media,, the company that directs sales and marketing efforts for Pursuit.


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