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Mossy Oak® Nativ Living and HiEnd Accents Announce Licensing Partnership

HiEnd Nativ Living bedding

Bedding and home décor manufacturer HiEnd Accents’ motto of “affordable luxury” takes another step towards expanding its footprint in the marketplace by collaborating with outdoors industry leader Mossy Oak and their Nativ Living brand.

HiEnd Accents has been in business for 11 years. The Company recently introduced its lifestyle collections in Dallas and Las Vegas.

“We are excited to bring this to the market and continue to challenge ourselves to create a diverse, quality home line that will fit all lifestyles,” said Cynthia Zheng, president of HiEnd Accents. “We pride ourselves in being the leader in affordable luxury bedding and accessories. We create lifestyle solutions for the rustic retailers and homes, so this collaboration with Mossy Oak was a perfect fit for our company.”

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Mossy Oak family,” said Sophie Sallinger, key account manager with HiEnd Accents. “We feel we have a lot to offer within the soft home categories, and our design team has done a great job finding the perfect design combination between rustic outdoor with a classic home flair. I feel they have created a lifestyle that will complement products from all the other licensed partners.”

“Mossy Oak Nativ Living was created to bring the intrinsic essence of nature, wildlife and outdoors elements into the home through stylish products that are at once beautiful and familiar,” said Pam Strickland, director of home décor and lifestyle, Mossy Oak Nativ Living, a brand of Haas Outdoors, Inc. “With its well-established reputation for product design, marketing and merchandising, HiEnd Accents is the perfect choice to bring Mossy Oak Nativ Living designs to life in the soft home categories. We are extremely proud to partner with the HiEnd Accents team on creating top-of-the-line bedding as well as bathroom accents focused on rustic luxury and conveying the love of the outdoors lifestyle that resonates strongly with Mossy Oak enthusiasts.”

The main focus during the initial launch will be the bedroom oasis and bathroom, allowing for new introductions within the collections into other main rooms of the home such as kitchen and living throughout 2017.  HiEnd Accents Mossy Oak Nativ Living collections will be on display at High Point, Dallas, Las Vegas, New York and Denver markets. For more information, visit

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