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Mossy Oak presents SEEK ONE web series


Mossy Oak presents SEEK ONE, a bi-weekly online series featuring Drew Carroll and Lee Ellis as they pursue whitetail bucks in the overlooked areas of suburban Atlanta.

Surburban areas offer great hunting if you know where to look and have permission to hunt the land. Carroll and Ellis have had success hunting trophy bucks in suburban Atlanta. With the permission of the landowners and persistent scouting, these two guys hone in on the one or two bucks they want to pursue. 

“The hunt for permission is just as much a part of the story as the physical hunt for the deer,” said Carroll. “We want to show people that this is difficult, it does require persistence and knowledge to be consistently successful, and it is real hunting. What we get the most satisfaction out of is finding and pursuing one (or two) specific mature bucks. We spend all summer long trying to find the buck that will consume our season and create a story. People travel all over the world to remote places trying to find that connection, but we find it right in our backyard.”

“Our goal is to show people that adventure is not constrained to wild remote places and that hunting is not defined by big woods and rural parts of the country,” said Ellis. “If you look hard enough, adventure can be found in the most unexpected places and can become part of your everyday life like it has for us. We have a ‘leave no rock unturned’ policy, and that’s what has made us successful over the last few years. You never know what you will find or where you will find it, until you look."

“We’re excited to partner with Drew and Lee for this real-time hunting show,” said Dustin Whitacre, Director of Marketing at Mossy Oak. “Since it’s an in-season hunting series that will air as it unfolds, we don’t know how the hunt is going to end. We’ll be following along with the viewers to see if these guys get their bucks.”

Follow the season on Mossy Oak’s Facebook page and YouTube channel as Drew Carroll and Lee Ellis SEEK ONE in the suburbs. The 10-episode series is set to air every other Wednesday at 10 a.m. Follow Mossy Oak on Facebook or subscribe to their YouTube channel to catch the latest episode of SEEK ONE.

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