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Mossy Oak BioLogic Signs Sponsorship For Moultrie's The Hit List

biologicBENTON, KY – Mossy Oak BioLogic, the leading provider of seed and food plot management products for 17 years, has signed a two-year sponsorship deal with Moultrie's The Hit List on The Outdoor Channel.

"We felt as if Moultrie's The Hit List was the ideal TV show for us to partner with and promote our brand and product lines," said BioLogic president, Bobby Cole, a 20-year industry veteran. "Moultrie has been the leader in game management with its awesome line of game cameras, feeders and ATV spreaders for 35 years, while BioLogic has provided hunters and game keepers the best seed for food plot management for nearly years."

Moultrie's The Hit List has consistently rated as one of the most popular hunting shows on The Outdoor Channel. Entering its fifth season, the show provides more than just entertainment.

"With more than 500 hunting and fishing shows out there, we decided five years ago that viewers didn't necessarily need another "Me and Joe Are Going Hunting show,' " said Mike Auten, Vice President of Commonwealth Productions. "With the growing popularity of game management, we decided to produce a show that combined game camera management, how to plant food plots, and scout that buck-of-a-lifetime…The Hit List is a great name that hunters are familiar with," he said. "Anyone who has captured a big buck or trophy animal on camera puts him on their hit list."

The Hit List begins airing Tuesday, June 30, with a prime time airing at 8 p.m. EST on The Outdoor Channel. Strategically, the show has been in the Mossy Oak Tuesday Night Pursuit block of hunting shows since its inception.

"We are fortunate to have such a great partner in Mossy Oak," said Auten. "In addition to having BioLogic on the show, we also have Mossy Oak Camouflage," he said. Additional sponsors of Moultrie's The Hit List include Browning Arms, New Breed Archery, Summit Treestands, Knight & Hale Game Calls, Code Blue Scents, Sheffield Financial and Carbon Express.

Moultrie's The Hit List is hosted by Andy Morgan Chad Ritter and Joe Thomas. "Those guys are unbelievable hunters," Auten said. "They have taken big whitetails and big game from Nebraska to Georgia, and everywhere in between with New Breed bows and Browning firearms."

To keep things fresh, Auten said the show added some top notch pro staffers to the lineup this summer and fall, including Rich Miller of PRADCO Outdoor Brands and Chris Parrish of Knight & Hale Game Calls, Mick Bowman, Tyler Scharman, Jeremy Steffensen, Kelly Turner, John Cooper, Joe Raben, Russell Knight, Sr, Russell Knight, Jr. and Travis Faulkner.

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