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Grand Trunk™ Joins Mossy Oak® to Offer Break-Up Country® Hammock


Grand Trunk and Mossy Oak are pleased to announce the Break-Up Country camo double parachute hammock.

“Portability, ease of use and comfort are the primary reason outdoors people should choose hammocks,” said Jon Neff, founder of Grand Trunk. “They pack much smaller and lighter than most tents and do not require level or smooth ground to be useful. Hammocking is the ideal way to sleep no matter your outdoor activity.”

Grand Trunk specializes in high-quality printing with incredible detail and definition allowing it to print the Mossy Oak Break-Up Country pattern with great effectiveness. The 400-pound capacity, double hammock is the ideal choice for those packing only the essentials on the hunt ensuring a comfortable place to rest mid-day or overnight. The hammock weighs 21.6 ounces and measures 10.5 feet long by 6.5 feet wide.

Hammocks provide more flexibility by taking up less space than the footprint of a tent and are far more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. They also have the unique ability to be hung from nearly any two vertical objects eliminating the need to find a flat, level spot to pitch a tent. The perfect combination of comfort, lightweight durability and easy setup, you can take hammocks with you everywhere you go.

Grand Trunk makes goods for the road less traveled, and anyone who values meaningful connections with nature, embracing new cultures, and exploring outdoor adventure. The Company was founded in 2001 by two intrepid entrepreneurs who met while backpacking through Thailand; their shared passion for travel and the outdoors lifestyle inspired Grand Trunk’s first line of travel hammocks. Since then, the brand has quickly expanded and evolved over the past decade to encompass a wide assortment of adventure travel gear and accessories. To view Grand Trunk's complete range of products, please visit

Grand Trunk is an officially licensed partner of Haas Outdoors Inc.

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