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Mix Your Calls While Predator Hunting

Heath Wood


woods-predator-2In the world of hunting, we as hunters are always looking for a new tactic or a new product that improves our success rate.  A few years back I began using a diaphragm call for howling coyotes. I began using this tactic with just a double reed diaphragm turkey call. It works. But, here recently I've started using diaphragms that are specifically made for calling predators. This past fall I was a part of field testing a new line of diaphragm calls from Hunter's Specialties/Johnny Stewart Calls. 

On my first hunt with these new calls I was hunting in southern Missouri in late February. It was cold with 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground. It was mid day with no wind so, I set up in a small field that is surrounded by four sides with timber. I set my electronic caller out in the field approximately 35 yards from my set up. Once, I got set up, I howled 3 or 4 times on one of the new diaphragms named the Double Talkin' Dog, After a minute or two I began playing a rabbit in distress on the electronic caller. Just about the 5 minute mark of playing the distress sounds I seen the head of a coyote peaking over a pond bank approximately 200 yards away. After a few seconds of watching the coyote through the scope of my gun, I began doing a pup in distress on my diaphragm call. That's exactly what this big male coyote needed to hear. After hearing the pup in distress sounds the coyote come racing over the pond bank. I quickly got the crosshairs on him and pulled the trigger.

woods-predator-3This is where these new diaphragms come into play the most. If I was to pick up the remote to the electronic call the coyote would have for sure picked me off leaving me with no shot. Since, I all ready had the call in my mouth I was able to go right into a different sound with no movement.

There are 5 different models of these new diaphragm calls including one called Rabbit Frenzy. With this call you can do the opposite of what I did on the hunt mentioned earlier. You can do the rabbit in distress sounds with the diaphragm call combined with some howls from the electronic call. If it coyote locks up you can continue with the distress sounds without making any movement. A diaphragm style call a crisp, clear, and authentic sound. Plus, you can make multiple sounds off of the same call. And again, with no movement.

This is by far one of my favorite predator calling techniques now. It has worked time and time again. The combination of a diaphragm call mixed in with an electronic caller can and has been a deadly combination.For more information on the new Diaphragm predator calls from Hunter's Specialties, visit

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