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Mossy Oak Partners with ASIO Gear – Apparel Designed by Bowhunters for Bowhunters

Just as Mossy Oak designs camo patterns to conceal hunters in the environments where they hunt, ASIO Gear designs apparel with bowhunters in mind. Bowhunting success hangs on a number of factors but concealment and quality, comfortable gear are at the top.

ASIO gear mossy oak

Joe Miles, founder of ASIO Gear, noticed a gap between the highly technical gear designed for mountain terrain hunters and the gear available to whitetail hunters. He wanted to bring the high quality gear that the mountain hunters had to the whitetail world, but with a top notch camouflage specific for whitetail hunting. The results of his research, sourcing, and testing is the most comfortable and convenient bowhunting gear on the market today.

“We are super excited to partner with Mossy Oak, a camo I grew up bow hunting with and now get to have it on our ASIO line is just amazing,” said Miles.

ASIO Gear features Mossy Oak® Elements Terra® Gila camo that will keep you concealed from the ground to the stand. ASIO sources fabrics that cover all bowhunters' needs: quiet, comfortable, scent control, UPF, water resistant, and windproof. The apparel also includes vents for heat dumping and specially placed pockets for quick and easy access to the necessities, quiet zippers, and a tree harness slit (on select products).

Mossy Oak Elements Terra Gila in ASIO Gear includes:

  • Midweight Hoodie - $149
  • Windproof Sherpa-lined Jacket - $215
  • Windproof Sherpa-lined Pants - $195
  • Sherpa-lined Windproof Beanie - $29
  • Midweight Shooter Glove - $59

To shop the collection, visit

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