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Mossy Oak and Master Lock Launch New Camouflage Security Line for Enhanced Outdoor Protection

Legacy outdoor lifestyle and security brands reinvent top-rated lock box and adjustable cable lock solutions to better meet the needs of today's outdoor enthusiast

Mossy Oak Master Lock

Over the last few years, people have been spending more time outside and discovering new interests, contributing to the rising popularity of outdoor recreational activities like hunting, fishing and hiking. However, as these passions become more widespread, there is an increased need for trusted outdoor security measures. To help hunters, anglers and land managers alike safeguard their equipment this Fall, Mossy Oak teamed up with leading padlock security and safety brand, Master Lock, to introduce a line of new camouflage security solutions to meet the needs of modern outdoor enthusiasts. 

Available to purchase exclusively online at and in Lowe’s retail stores across the country, the new collection features Master Lock’s 5400D Portable Lock Box and 8418 Python™ Adjustable Locking Cable solutions. Both products are now outfitted in two of Mossy Oak’s iconic camouflage designs for ultimate end-user versatility, including the Country DNA™ pattern for concealment and the Blaze™ pattern for visibility. 

As two leading brands within their respective industries who share a dedication to innovation, the partnership allows Mossy Oak and Master Lock to not only support consumers’ interests, but also help solve the unique challenges outdoor enthusiasts face when pursuing their passions. 

"For more than 100 years, Master Lock has provided peace of mind where people live, work and play – which for many, means getting out and enjoying the great outdoors,” said Steve Sharp, Vice President of Product at The Master Lock Company. “Mossy Oak has a longstanding commitment to serving hunting, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts, and we look forward to equipping them with trusted camouflaged security heading into peak hunting season this fall.” 

Master Lock Mossy Oak

To offer durable, reliable security across a range of outdoor applications, the new Master Lock x Mossy Oak line includes:

  • 5400D Portable Lock Box – One of Master Lock’s tried-and-true mechanical solutions, the 5400D Portable Lock Box is now available in Mossy Oak’s Country DNA™ and Blaze™ camouflage patterns. Its 3-1/4in wide metal body, shutter door protecting the combination dial and vinyl-coated shackle offers the rugged durability needed for outdoor use, while the portable “over the knob” installation and four-digit combination feature provides convenience and increased security. Applications include anything from managing access to outdoor storage sheds full of gear or shared cabins for weekend hunting trips, when multiple users may need access at varying times.
  • 8418 Python™ Adjustable Locking Cable – Perfect for securing a tree stand while away or keeping canoes and other equipment in place while driving to the destination, Master Lock’s top-rated 8418 Python™ Adjustable Locking Cable is also now available in Mossy Oak’s Country DNA™ and Blaze™ camouflage patterns. This six-foot long security solution features braided steel for maximum strength and flexibility and is sold in a two-pack set that is keyed alike to offer a range of applications without sacrificing convenience. Built for all the unknowns of the outdoors, its integrated pin tumbler keyed locking mechanism design provides superior pick resistance, while the rust-resistant lock and vinyl coated cable offers superior weather and scratch protection.

“Spend enough time in the outdoors and places less traveled, and you’ll understand the need and importance of keeping things locked up, whether it be treestands, gates or cabin doors,” said Chris Paradise, Chief Sales Officer for Mossy Oak. “Master Lock is a longtime, trusted brand. The addition of Mossy Oak patterns to their locks affirms their necessity for outdoors applications.”

For more information on Master Lock's full portfolio of personal security solutions, please visit  

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