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Mossy Oak And AdArt Imports To Produce Premier Collection For Outdoor Enthusiast

Mossy Oak AdArt products

Mossy Oak and AdArt Imports have partnered together to introduce a collection of products designed and inspired by the outdoorsman and outdoorswoman who love spending their time outdoors while hunting, shooting, or sitting around the campfire.

AdArt Imports is a U.S.M.C. veteran-owned company that is proud to partner with Mossy Oak to produce the Freedom Country collection. The Freedom Country collection will feature new products for the hunter, shooter, camper, hiker, and for the one who simply loves to be outdoors. The Freedom Country collection will feature Bottomland and Break-Up Country patterns and the well-recognized Mossy Oak logo.

B.O.B./Day Bag

AdArt Mossy Oak Bottomland Daypack

Whether used to carry gear to the tree stand or with essential gear while hiking, the B.O.B./Day Bag (Bug Out Bag) has all the features that let you enjoy nature while staying organized. The B.O.B/Day Bag features two compartments. An 8.85" x 10" front pocket with a blaze zipper pull. The main clamshell pocket with a zipper pull that measures 14.17" x 13". Plus, 10 round ammo loops, three sections elastic strap, and a key holder. The fold-down main pocket exposes safety blaze, and features sideload zip openings that allow fast access to a hydration bladder bag. The exterior of the B.O.B/Day Bag has a silent and durable tricord. It is permanently bonded to be puncture-resistant and features 600 Denier waterproof nylon. The bag's interior features 210 Denier nylon, and it is cushioned and has a ventilated back with backstraps for easy carry.

Compact Pocket Chair 

The lightweight, easy-to-assemble Compact Pocket Chair is a must-have for any outdoor event or while hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, or anywhere a seat is needed. The Mossy Oak Compact Pocket Chair is made with a black powder-coated steel frame. The Compact Pocket chair measures 20.5" x 20.5" and is 28.5" tall. The seating area of the chair is made of P.V.C. backed polyester 600/300 Denier. Plus, a 10" x 6" pocket has two different sections to hold small electronics, cell phones, flashlights, or other small accessories. The Mossy Oak Compact Chair comes with a carry case with dual zippers and a shoulder strap to take with you wherever desired.

  • 15” W x 4.25” D x 6” H (packed into carry case)
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Weight: 4.7lb
  • Available in Bottomland or Break-Up Country patterns
  • Retail: $39.76

Mossy Oak Fire Pit

The all-steel Mossy Oak Fire Pit is perfect for providing that touch of warmth and fun while relaxing in the backyard or camping. The Mossy Oak Fire Pit can also be used to cook your favorite B.B.Q. or grilled foods. The 40-inch steel fire pit with a 32-inch steel bowl is large enough for all your friends and family to enjoy. The Fire Pit comes with a steel spark screen to protect from any sparks getting out of control. The Fire Pit is electronically cleaned before painting with a 600-degree high temperature rated powdered paint. To show all your family and friends your passion for the outdoors, the Fire Pit features the iconic Mossy Oak logo that has been laser cut into all four sides of the pit.

  • Weight: 33.5 lbs
  • Retail: $199.76

Credit Card Wallet/Magazine Pocket

Mossy Oak AdArt Wallet

This water resistant wallet is ideal for camping, hiking, and hunting. The wallet can hold paper notes, and has 3 front credit card pockets and a Velcro flapped pocket for a single stack .45 magazine (or lower caliber). This multipurpose wallet is constructed for rugged adventure with 600 Denier polyester.

  • Size: 3.35” W x 5.32” H x .79” D
  • Weight: 1.17 oz.

The AdArt and Mossy Oak Freedom Country collection will also feature a Mossy Oak Shell Bag/Day Pack to take to the gun range or while hunting and a Mossy Oak Gun Sock to help keep your rifle and shotgun clean and protected. The Shell Bag/Day Pack and the Gun Sock will also be available in Bottomland and Break-Up Country patterns.


For purchasing information for the Mossy Oak/AdArt Imports American Freedom Country collection, contact Brian Lafferty at

For more information on AdArt Imports, contact Brian Lafferty 206-497-7216 or visit

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