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GUNNER Releases Products In Mossy Oak Greenleaf Pattern

GUNNER, an industry-leading manufacturer of American-made dog products, and Mossy Oak are proud to introduce, for a limited time, GUNNER's first-ever spring product release featuring Mossy Oak Greenleaf, Mossy Oak’s original spring pattern from 1987.

GUNNER Kennel Mossy Oak Greenleaf
Most folks associate the name GUNNER with the fall season when hunters take their dogs along for waterfowl hunting and while hunting upland birds. However, GUNNER seeks enjoyment from their canine friends as much as possible, giving their undivided attention to their furry friends, not just for a season but through the entire year. Many hunters indulge in their adoration for the woods during the spring through turkey hunting. The same goes for GUNNER founder Addison Edmonds.
Edmonds is a native of the hardwoods of Tennessee and Mississippi, where the iconic Mossy Oak patterns such as Bottomland and Greenleaf have been a staple for decades. To help celebrate that passion, GUNNER is releasing their famous G1 Kennels in all sizes, along with accessories such as hoodies, koozies, and nameplates in Greenleaf.
“Bottomland has been consistently successful for the Mossy Oak brand since the beginning. Our original patterns were built on that Bottomland background, and it was the foundation of our original partnership with GUNNER, so Greenleaf is a perfect fit for this release,” said Toxey Haas, Founder and CEO of Mossy Oak. “GUNNER is a company with a story that many hunters can relate to with their passion for the land, the critters and man’s best friend. It’s awesome to see our original patterns appeal to different segments of the outdoors. It just goes to show the outdoors lifestyle that these patterns represent expands beyond a specific niche. It’s bigger than the hunt for us and GUNNER, too. GUNNER and the Edmonds family are simply the best and people we in the Mossy Oak family admire, and we’re proud to see another of our foundational patterns featured on their great products.”  
The GUNNER G1 Kennels are available in four sizes: small, medium, intermediate, and large to cover all shapes and sizes of a hunter's best friend, their dog. The G1 Kennels are double-wall rotomolded and are five-star crash tested to ensure that every kennel is designed with quality and the dog's safety and comfort in mind. Each G1 Kennel is American-made and is backed with a lifetime warranty.
"I am such a big fan of Mossy Oak, and I've been working with them since we met at NWTF in 2016. Since then, I've learned firsthand how special the family is behind this brand. It's a huge honor to put a GUNNER spin on such an iconic pattern. We are very excited to be able to offer our entire G1 series in collaboration with the Haas/Mossy Oak family," said Addison Edmonds, Founder, GUNNER.
For more information on GUNNER, visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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